OK, it isn’t the most exciting thing to look at but I am trying to develop my hand tool woodworking skills and this is a starting point.

I’m a big fan of Paul Sellers and follow his blog. He is an advocate of hand tools over power machinery in woodworking and I like his philosophy.  His instructions on making the spatula are in a recent video of simple projects for the new woodworker.
The spatula was made using just a coping saw to cut out the basic shape (which i just drew by hand) and then a spokeshave to round over the edge and shape the handle.  I then sanded to a smooth finish and gave it a coat of vegetable oil.
It hasn’t been used yet because I wanted to photograph it first but hopefully it will give many years of service.

Snowman Tree Decoration


I made this Snowman at school. It is made from two white pom poms stuck together. First I made the bigger pom pom for the body. Then I made a smaller pom pom for the head and stuck them together to make the snowman shape. Next I cut out a triangle out of orange card and folded it over so that it stuck out like a carrot. Then I found two googly eyes and stuck them on along with the carrot nose.