Cra-z loom bracelets

I got the kit for the crazy loom bracelets for my birthday and the day after I really wanted to have a go at making some jewelry so I found the easiest bracelet to make. It is called the basic bracelet  and it is really easy.


Once I had started I felt like I couldn’t stop so I moved on to a harder bracelet to make. It’s called the bridge-style bracelet. When I got on with doing it though, I realised that I had taken a big step up from the basic bracelet. I found it very hard to get started but soon I got the hang of it and I soon finished my second bracelet.


This bracelet is called a Waterfall bracelet and my mum made it. It took her several attempts to get the hang of it too.


This is me wearing all of the bracelets that me and my mum made:


Happy Easter! 🐣🐇😁


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