Bryn’s pirate quilt.

It has taken me a very long time but I’ve finally finished this quilt! I was very pleased with how my first quilt turned out (here) so I thought I’d try and do another. This one did not turn out quite so well however.

I got some quite funky pirate fat quarters for my birthday (back in October) and was told I had to make my five year old son, Bryn, a quilt.I was quite excited about it so I soon set to work mapping out my ideas and cutting out my fabric. So far so good.

The fabric had quite a large design on it that couldn’t really be cut into small pieces so I had to use quite large squares. The problem was I just couldn’t get the panels to be the same size and the result is that don’t match up as you can see here…


Grrr. The bottom panels are not in line with those above. Also, the backing, which is fleece (it’s not a real quilt with wadding) is a little baggy despite being attached to the front with loads of safety pins.  Never mind, it’s only for Bryn and he hasn’t noticed!  However, I’m really happy with the fabrics and colours and I’ve done some pretty good hand stitching of the binding (even if I do say so myself) and when you look from a distance whilst squinting it looks pretty good. I just wish my sewing (and cutting) skills were better. I suppose that comes with practice.

It has taken a good 6 months to complete this project. I could see that the final thing was not going to be perfect so I abandoned it for a while. I recently made an effort to finish all UFOs so I just got it done.  It definitely deserved one of my ‘this took forever’ labels!


Here is Bryn under the finished quilt.



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