Pie-smuggling shirt

I made this top some time ago now and I forgot to blog it.  As it was a lovely day I thought today was the perfect opportunity to stroll down to the beach and take some summery photos.


I find this top very wearable but I must admit it looks better with something fitted over the top.  It does have a seventies feel to it as it’s quite ‘smock-ish’ but it allows me to have very big dinners and no-one would ever know!


All the tourists have come out to play today.  This is Scarborough Castle in the background.


Family pic!

Just like the wrap top I made a couple of months ago, the pattern for this top came from the Japanese book ‘Simple Modern Sewing’.  The patterns are plain and simple, a bit like me really!  This particular one has raglan sleeves and an elasticated neck-line.  However, just like the wrap top, it is slightly too big but I do find it very comfortable.

I’ve got the fabric lined up for my next project from this book.  I’m going to attempt some trousers.


3 thoughts on “Pie-smuggling shirt

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