Hawaiian shirt

I thought that it was about time I sewed something for someone other than me. My husband, Paul, was the Guinea pig for a new shirt. I got this pattern for a mere £2


and I picked up 3m of cotton fabric covered in palm trees. I pretty much used it all too! As Hawaiian shirts go it’s quite subtle but for Paul it’s extremely bright!  Apparently this shirt is “so easy” but I still had difficulty trying to fathom out the instructions. I was particularly baffled when it got to the yoke part of the shirt and it looked like this…


I had to roll up the shirt and sew it within the yoke and then, with difficulty, extract the shirt out from the side. It was just one of those things that you can’t picture how it’s going to turn out until you just do it!

Paul and I are quite pleased with how it’s turned out. He’s already worn it twice (which is twice more than me in some of my makes).


You will notice that the pattern shows long sleeves but my shirt has short sleeves. This is totally because Hawaiian shirts should have short sleeves and nothing to do with me messing the sleeves up in the first place (ahem).


There is no beer in this picture. Will have to put that right next time..

5 thoughts on “Hawaiian shirt

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