Joint project – laundry basket

Paul and I have have finally got round to doing a joint project – a bit of sewing and a bit of woodwork. We made a reversible laundry basket! (The idea for which we got from here).
The instructions were very well explained and easy to follow and we had this thing knocked up within a couple of days.


I used some fabric from an old pair of kitchen curtains that Paul’s mum made when we lived in a previous house. Continue reading

Birthday goodies and a Tilly top

A month or so ago I had a significant birthday. To soften the blow I received lots of sewing goodies, including a spangly Janome sewing machine and some sewing books.  One of the books was this one:


This has been on my wish list for some time so was quite excited to get it. I wanted to get straight on and make myself the ‘button back blouse’ which I think was an early version of the Mathilde blouse by Tilly and the buttons. Continue reading