Green Woodworking

My mate Lee recently asked me to go on a green woodworking course as he had got a carving set as a present and wanted to find out a bit more.  After a bit of research we settled on York Wood Crafts because they were quite close to home and offered a two day course with a few different things in it.

The course was excellent and Jim and Ben (the instructors) looked after us very well. After a short intro we were soon chopping up tree trunks using the two man saw and then quartering them using a froe (no I hadn’t heard of one either).  Here’s me using the froe:


Over the two days we used side-axes to shape wood, draw knives on the shave horse, spokeshaves and a brace and bits to produce a three-legged stool. Here’s me doing a bit of shave horsing to shape the legs of my stool, including a taper at the top (notice the target in the background because they also do a longbow making course):


And the final result:


I’m pretty impressed with my stool and it is even the right height to use in my shed when I am scroll sawing.


During the course we also got some time on the pole-lathe, which I think was my favourite part.  It was only really a taster but I did manage to make a rolling pin and then have another go where I experimented with making different shapes, including a couple of captive rings.



We just need to decide what course we are doing next…


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