Birthday goodies and a Tilly top

A month or so ago I had a significant birthday. To soften the blow I received lots of sewing goodies, including a spangly Janome sewing machine and some sewing books.  One of the books was this one:


This has been on my wish list for some time so was quite excited to get it. I wanted to get straight on and make myself the ‘button back blouse’ which I think was an early version of the Mathilde blouse by Tilly and the buttons.  The book did say that you could download all the patterns.  It never mentioned that one of the patterns was not included. Guess which one that was.  Yep, the pattern I chose for my first make from this book was the only pattern not available to download.  Determined to make this top (and not spend any money) I scaled up the dinky pattern in the book on to some squared paper I had lying around.

I measured myself as a size 12 (optimistic I know) and began. It took ages but eventually I ended up with a proper paper pattern.

I chose a navy mini polka dot cotton fabric which I bought at Abakhan’s in Manchester earlier in the year and for the piping and buttons I used the blue from my Pastille dress. I really enjoyed the making of this top as I learnt a few more skills. It took a couple of attempts before I was happy with the piping (piping’s a new one for me).


I messed up the positioning of the buttons for some bizarre reason. They’re perfectly spaced but I didn’t put the first button right at the top (why?!) so it flaps about a bit.
I thought I’d be a sewing swat and make the insides look pretty by sewing French seams.

And I finished it off nicely by adding one of the birthday presents I got from some friends.

Personalised labels! How cool is that?
Now on to the fit. It’s too small. It could be my dodgy scaling or perhaps I didn’t measure myself properly. I can get in it and do it up but I’ll need to lose another half a stone for it to look good (I was going to do this before Christmas anyway so now I have a good incentive!)

Excuse the dodgy mirror selfie shot but you can see it pulling across the back. The sleeve cuffs are also a bit tight but then I always have that problem in shop bought clothing anyway.

I’ve nearly finished a dress from the second Sewing Bee book so hopefully will be posting that soon – I want to wear it tomorrow so I’d better get on with it.


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