Joint project – laundry basket

Paul and I have have finally got round to doing a joint project – a bit of sewing and a bit of woodwork. We made a reversible laundry basket! (The idea for which we got from here).
The instructions were very well explained and easy to follow and we had this thing knocked up within a couple of days.


I used some fabric from an old pair of kitchen curtains that Paul’s mum made when we lived in a previous house.


The other fabric I bought from a shop in York for the bargain price of £2.99 per  metre. It was extra wide too so I’ve got tons left.


It’s a very thick canvas so I didn’t bother with the interfacing like the instructions suggested as I thought it would hold its shape perfectly well.
We’re really quite pleased with it. It’s so much smarter than what we were using before. Hopefully we’ll carry out some more joint projects in the future!


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