Bag Lady

Early last month I attended a ‘bag lady’ course in Scarborough at Material Moves.  I got the course as a present for my birthday back in October and the idea was that you made a bag in a day with help from someone who knew what they were doing! You could bring your own pattern and/or fabric if you had something in mind or you could just rock up with nothing at all (like me). There were a few other people there who were more organised and had clear ideas about what they wanted. I just wanted inspiration to hit me. I chose a pattern that I quite liked and then had a good rummage through Carol’s stash – it’s soo much fun going through other people’s fabric stash! This is what we chose:


Simplicity 1519, the one that the woman is carrying. The pattern called for some sort of jute tape thing which we didn’t have but thought we could easily adapt it. I chose a lovely tartan with a stunning bottle green velvet to match. I also chose a red fabric (an old bed sheet) as a lining.


Here is the finished bag but the colours haven’t come out too well in the artificial light. I didn’t do a bad job of matching the plaids both at the pleats and the seams.  Three bags were being made that day but I only got a picture of two of them:


I could have quite happily taken this one home too!

Not long after my course I went up to Edinburgh to visit my brother and thought I’d better get some Scottish photos of my Scottish bag.



The colours are better in these cheesy photos. This is the view of Arthur’s seat from the top of Calton Hill.  There was also a rather splendid sunset:


This photo is taken from the same spot looking in the other direction towards Edinburgh Castle.

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