It’s here!!!

Never mind Christmas presents, my By Hand London Kickstarter reward is here! Back in March I backed a Kickstarter project for By Hand London to get a fabric printer so you can design and print your own fabric.  Look at all the lovely things I got as my reward:


I’m so excited I don’t know where to start!

As part of my package I got 7 patterns including the brand new, only just released Kim dress.  I can finally start playing catch-up with the rest of the sewing world and make some of their stuff – the only thing I’ve made so far is the Victoria blazer. Of course that means that I now have 2 Victoria Blazer patterns and I don’t need them both. I may send the new one to my “sewing Santa” that Stitched up from the start is organising or I may have a giveaway on here which would be quite exciting. I’m undecided on that one.

I also got 2 metres of their pretty fabric.


I could have designed my own fabric but a combination of impatience and lack of imagination prevented that from happening! The cow parsley design is just gorgeous though.  I’m going to have to think long and over what to make with it now…


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