Handmade gifts

If your name is Debbie Clark stop reading this right now (until after Christmas anyway)!

A little while ago my very good friend (mentioned above) agreed that we’d give handmade presents to each other’s children this Christmas. Cor, that really piled on the pressure! It took me a little while to decide what to make. Actually it took ages just to think of something.  Then I thought that all children should have an apron and I wondered if Debbie’s kids had one. They probably don’t have a personalised apron though.  I’m not exactly being original here, my children have both got their own personalised aprons which they wear whenever they’re helping in the kitchen. These were made by Paul’s mum and I decided to blatantly copy them!


For the first apron I found some good value (cheap) cupcake fabric which I thought would be suitable. I had to enlist Paul’s mum to sew the name as she’s got one of them all-singing-all-dancing spangly embroidery machines.  I found an odd pink button to use on the neck strap to make it easy to get on and off.


For the second apron I had a few issues. This proper chef fabric was more expensive so I bought less of it which was stupid. It didn’t help that the printing of the fabric was very wonky and I didn’t have enough of it to look good. To get over this I constructed the apron in two halves so there is a seam going across the middle of it.  You can’t tell because I have been so awesome at pattern matching! To make this apron easy to get on and off I’ve used elastic for the neck strap.

I didn’t think an apron was the most appropriate present for the youngest child – he’s only one. I did think that whatever I made it would have to be personalised again – it is only fair!  I found, in the nick of time, a tutorial for an animal blanket here. It was only put on tinternet on the 12th December. I wonder if I’m the first one to follow it.


I love the fox – he’s so cute! This is the first time I’ve done appliqué on my sewing machine. It has a blanket stitch which looks quite effective. As you can see the edges have been left. If this was to be a Christmas present there was no way I would have time to bind them because I would have to hand sew it.

The other homemade gifts I’ve made this week are these tree decorations for my #sewingsanta. The idea is that you spend £10 only on sewing stuff which you then send to a random sewing blogger also taking part. I think I’ve done quite well for my money. I know I would like it but it’s a bit nerve wracking buying for a complete stranger because you never know do you? I’m not going to show what I’ve bought (maybe later!). A lot of bloggers have made extras from their stash (so not included in the £10)  and it may sound daft but it didn’t occur to me to make stuff as well! I’m not sure my stuff will pass close inspection from a proper sewer! Anyway, this is what I came up with plus I made it up – no internet tutorials for me on this one!


All hand sewn in front of the telly. I reckon I’m quite safe putting this on the blog – I don’t exactly have a massive readership!


They look good on the tree!

Is anybody else frantically making Christmas gifts for others?


8 thoughts on “Handmade gifts

  1. Lovely gifts! And I felt exactly the same about sending my home-made items to my #sewingsanta, they definitely won’t stand up to any close inspection, but it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? I’m sure everyone will be kind. I’m just off to pop mine in the post…

  2. Chained to my sewing machine until at least Christmas Eve Corrine as making EVERYTHING this year. Can’t put anything on FB as recipients are on there as well. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Love from us all. Xxxxxxxx

    • I wouldn’t mind being chained to my machine if I didn’t have work to get in y way! Would really love to see what you’ve made. You should get a blog!

  3. Gosh you must be really busy! I found the process a little stressful. Fun, but stressful. Have packed my machine away now – don’t want to see it again until after Christmas! I do still have a few edible gifts still to make though.

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