The unblogged

Looking back over my makes of 2014 I’ve realised that some of them have gone unblogged. Let’s put that right now…


1 – I’m ashamed to say that this is the only knitting I completed last year.  This hat was finished nearly a year ago, back in January 2014. It was an adapted pattern from my ‘knit today’ magazine. I say adapted because the pattern called for aran yarn but I accidentally bought dk. I bought the yarn (Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester – posh yarn) in York and didn’t realise my mistake until I took it back to Scarborough.  There’s a slightly dodgy cable near the top but the hat fits and I wear it all the time.

2 – My first, and only (so far), project from a PDF pattern. This is the back view because it’s more interesting. The pattern was easy to follow and it turned out reasonably well but it’s not really me.  It’s too shapeless and too short despite me adding on a couple of inches. I do wear it occasionally though as long as I cover most of it up with a cardie.  I like the cotton fabric. My son chose it from Abakhan’s in Manchester. It is covered in tiny bones.

3 – A baby quilt I made for a friend who just had a little girl. I wanted it girlie but not pink. Like all the ‘quilts’ I’ve done so far it’s backed with fleece (this one’s navy) so not technically a quilt at all.

4 – A beaded tapestry type thing I got from a kit and then had framed. It was stupidly expensive but it turned out nice and it’s now on the living room wall.

5 – Trousers! Another make from the Japanese book Simple Modern Sewing. They look a bit sorry for themselves on the hanger but I really like them. I had to add three inches to the length and they could do with a little more.  I’m 5’7″ but don’t have particularly long legs. These trousers must have been designed for really short people!  They’re made from some kind of linen blend that crease terribly but that’s linen for you.  Providing I wear a top long enough to cover the elasticated waist they look really good and are very comfy.  I wear them to work all the time.  A great first trouser pattern.

Still with me? Now for the final makes of 2014.


My first foray into knits!  I’d done my research, bought the ball point needles, selected a stretch stitch on my machine and used a walking foot. The actual sewing of this wasn’t a problem. Cutting the pieces out was a nightmare! The fabric was so slippery and stretchy that I couldn’t cut accurately at all. I couldn’t double up the fabric as the layers moved around so much so I had cut out each piece twice. It took ages! Also I had to do some clever tessellation as, as usual, I didn’t have enough fabric. This was a remnant also from Abakhan’s. There was just  two metres. To squeeze this dress out I had to shorten the sleeves but it looks fine.
I’m pleased with this dress and have worn it several times already. It’s smart but comfortable.

The pattern came from here:


It is the wrap dress (obviously). The pattern called for bias binding but I knew that I would be unable to get the right colour so I bound it with strips of the knit fabric instead and hand sewed it to the back. It got a little twisted in places but it’s OK. The fabric is quite heavy and the dress does have a tendency to stretch downwards so I’m wondering how long it’s going to last. The great thing about this dress is that it can be adjusted to fit with the ties, which is a good job as I reckon I’ve put on at least half a stone over the holidays!

The other sewing project I’ve completed is this one:


A simple(ish) A-line skirt. I got this blue wool from the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate and knew it would make a great little winter skirt. I used New Look 6035 for this. I did a mock up out of an old sheet to make sure it fitted. It did but I added three inches to the length because it was way too short! This also exaggerated the ‘A’ shape but it looks good providing I wear it with a tucked in, tight fitted top. The bed sheet became a lining for the skirt to stop it riding up my tights. I love how neat I’ve done the waist band but I don’t love the terrible attempt at a lapped zip.


As you can see the waist band doesn’t line up (I swear it was lining up fine as I was inserting the zip). Unfortunately the zip went in before the waist band was finished so putting it right would mean a lot of unpicking which I’m not prepared to do. I tried to hitch things up a bit with careful placement of the hook and eye which helped a bit.

Phew, that was a long post! I’ll end it by quickly stating what I want to achieve in the coming year then it’ll be set in stone and I’ll have to do it!

1. THE most important make of the year is a bridesmaid (OK, matron of honour but that makes me sound old) dress. I’m very lucky to be asked and I’ve got to make it myself! The color will (probably) be gold and I can choose the pattern! Exciting!

2. Cover my dining room chairs. They were bought second hand along with a table. The table is great but the chairs are in a terrible condition. I’ve bought the fabric already and have made a start on a mock up.

3. Knit something! I’ve got the wool for a pair of socks. I’ve made socks before but I stupidly didn’t buy enough to make a pair so I have odd knitted socks! They’re so warm though so want to do it properly this time.

4. Make my husband another shirt out of some sensible material that he would be willing to wear any day. Buoyed by the success the first shirt I’ve ever made (here) I want to have another go.

Obviously there’ll be other stuff too but that’s what I HAVE to do!
Happy New Year everyone!


11 thoughts on “The unblogged

    • They’re not as pale as they look on here but I generally cover them up with a lab coat anyway. I don’t wear them when it’s rainy (I walk to work) so they’re still in pristine condition!

  1. love the makes, I am amazed you find the time. I am also glad that the first on list for this year is your bridesmaids dress. Aoife is saying she is my flower girl, so you are ok calling yourself bridesmaid, 😉 x

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