Sweet making

For Christmas I got the book Sweets Made Simple that goes with the BBC TV series. I’ve finally got round to making something and for my first sweets it had to be the Maple Syrup, Pecan & Bacon Lollies!


The lollies were quite easy to make (grill some bacon; heat up sugar, golden & maple syrups; poor onto bits of bacon and pecan; stick in a lolly stick) although I did have a bit of trouble getting the last one off the spoon because the mix had started to set.  I had to put the mixture back on the hob for a few minutes to re-melt it.  They aren’t very even shapes but that’s OK because if you look at the front cover of the book you will see that theirs aren’t either.


And most importantly they tasted pretty good. Corrine was the only one who wasn’t sure about the maple/bacon combo – even Bryn liked them, until he bit his with a wobbly tooth and made it bleed (the tooth not the lolly).



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