Birthday gifts

It was my very good friend Sacha’s birthday over the weekend and, as it was a significant one, I decided that the present should have some extra thought put into it. This is a quilted bottle carrier made from an old curtain (the other curtain went into making a laundry basket). The checks were a great choice as it turned out because it allowed me to quilt quite accurately. I used my walking foot for my first ever proper attempt at quilting.


I’m really annoyed with myself for not taking many photos of this bag in action. You can fit 8 bottles of wine in it (although that’s very heavy and I’m not sure I trust my stitching enough – 6 was no problem though). Obviously you can’t give a friend an empty bag so I filled the spaces with 2 tubes of Pringles, a bottle of prosecco, a bottle of cider, some chocs, homemade advocaat (Paul made that), homemade amaretto and the bag below.


I got this fabric from Ikea in Edinburgh and I’ve chosen it to cover our dining room chairs (you’ll get to see them soon (ish)). There was a bit left over and I thought it would make a great bag.  The patterns for both these bags came from this book:


In fact that is the bottle carrier at the top middle. I love the fact that it’s called “Sew a metre” when inside there is no reference whatsoever to any metric measurements!

I’ve decided I quite like making bags.  They’re fun and they hardly use any fabric. I did get myself into a bit of a pickle at this stage though:


The bag has a zip closure and it needed to be open when it come to turning the bag through. I didn’t realise this very obvious fact (it didn’t mention it in the instructions in my defence) and I just couldn’t wiggle it open with my fingers so the unpicker had to come out!

Here is the bag on a Saturday night out in Bristol where a good night was had by all – including the strange man, who I can’t remember the name of, who took great delight in photo bombing us!



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