Crosstitch coaster big reveal…

Last Sunday we hosted a mini competition on our blog. We wanted to know, out of 7 entries, which coaster would you most like to place your cuppa on!


So who’s coaster is the cup of tea on?

Well this is rather awkward! The winner is……….



Most definitely NOT a fix. I was quite pleased with the design.  I designed it myself – a row of apples and a row of bees (Appleby, get it?). I wasn’t bothered about winning particularly, just as long as I beat Paul…


Grumpy face because he’s second place! I think he got the man vote. If we were to judge the back of the work then I’m sure Paul would have won because his was so neat! What a shame you couldn’t see that!

Our friend Esther got third place with this rather splendid entry…


A favourite amongst sewers I think.

Joint fourth place was…


The Captain America was made by Joanne, Paul’s sister. I was surprised this didn’t get placed higher because I’m sure it would have got the kid’s vote. The one on the right was made by my very old friend (old as in I’ve known her a very long time!) Debbie. It gives an insight into her mind I think.

Now for the wooden spoon. At the bottom of the pack were these two


A nice geometric pattern from Barbara (Paul and Jo’s mum) and some Cath Kidston flowers from Bethan. Here is how she feels about it..


Ha Bethan. You get no special treatment just because you’re nine.  You’re up against the big boys now…. (not really, I think she did a fantastic job, it’s a lot neater than mine and she has since gone on and produced some lovely cross stitch stuff).

Thanks to everyone who took part in indulging us and making a coaster (some people against their will!) and thanks to everyone who stopped by and voted on our little blog. We had a lot of fun. Now normal service will resume shortly as soon as I’ve finished with toile number 2 of By Hand London’s Kim Dress.


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