A bag for Bethan

We’re just about getting into the swing of our school holidays now and today we had some glorious weather. We went on a huge family walk and I had to carry my coat! Almost unheard of in Scarborough! When we got back home I just about had enough energy to complete a mini project I’ve been working on for Bethan. Here she is…


I’m quite pleased with how this bag turned out although it was not without its problems. Bethan chose the foxy fabric from Boyes (a local shop that sells just about everything including some fabric, although the choice isn’t great). The fabric would have made a lovely floaty dress or top but it’s not really suitable for bag making. Rather than use interfacing I ended up bondawebbing whole fabric panels to some plain black fabric. This gave me the stiffness that I needed. She chose the lining too – some horrendous synthetic slippery stuff that would not keep still. Even with my rotary cutter and quilters ruler I was unable to cut it square. It’s inside though so no one needs to know!


I had to buy a eyelet making contraption. It was scary putting holes in my work, and yes I did make a mess of the bag. The strap was supposed to be held in place by these metal eyelets but I ended up sewing the strap on and having eyelets for decoration.


She seems happy anyway. I would quite like to sew her some clothes but she has told me that she wouldn’t dream of wearing anything I made. Fair enough! I’ll keep sewing for myself then!

Oh and I’ve finished toile of bridesmaid dress number 2. It’s a BHL Flora. I was expecting it to be too girly for me but when I tried it on I was quite taken with it. Even my husband said it was “quite nice” which is verging on a compliment and I can’t ignore that. I’m still going to make up an Elisalex and a long Anna and see which one I like the best although I think the final decision is going to be very difficult.


They never look as good on the hanger do they?

Happy Easter everyone 🐣

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