Cherry and Mahogany Scrollsaw Box

I know, at last a post that isn’t about sewing.  I’ve not had much to write about for a while but I’m hoping I can put more on here in the coming weeks as the weather gets better and I can get out into my shed more.

For Christmas I got a copy of Box-Making Projects for the Scroll Saw and I have finally got round to making something from it.


The first chapter of the book is about different types of lidded boxes. They all follow the same basic method but there are a few different shapes. I decided to just go for the first one as it had the most detailed instructions.

One of the problems I have with scrollsawing is getting hold of suitable timber. In America, where scrolling is more popular, it seems like it is pretty easy to get hold of hardwoods in thicknesses like 6, 12 and 18mm (actually in the States it is quarter, half and three-quarter inch) but in the UK most timber yards don’t do thinner sheets because of the amount of waste involved. However, last November I bought a piece of 18mm cherry from British Hardwoods at the North Of England Woodworking Show in Harrogate.  I have also found that Always Hobbies do a range of sheets up to 6mm thick for model making that are perfect. I ordered some mahogany, walnut and basswood from them and used the mahogany for this project.

Anyway, here’s the final result.


As with most of my projects the trick is to not look too closely at the workmanship. The main body is two pieces of cherry laminated together, so it is 36mm deep.  Cutting through that on the scroll saw was hard work!  If I make another box of this type then I’ll spend a bit more time on sanding to neaten up some of the inside edges and make a better job of cleaning up the glue squeeze-out when it is clamped.


I finished the whole thing with Danish Oil, which made a massive difference to the look and really brought out the grain. One idea on the book that I might do later is to put a layer of felt in the bottom of each compartment.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with it and the book has got some really good other ideas so I’m definitely planning on making more from it.

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