Victorian Urchin hat

A bit of a filler post this as I’ve got to get round to taking some photos of a couple of tops I made. In the meantime I made a hat!

Don’t you just love it when your kid’s primary school announces, with little time to prepare, a dressing-up day? Bryn’s class announced that they were having a Victorian day and that they would like the children to dress up in ‘traditional Victorian outfits’. Bryn wanted to dress up as a ‘chimney sweep boy’. He had very firm ideas of how he wanted to look and the type of clothes he wanted to wear – all of which we didn’t have. The most important thing on his list was a flat cap. We could have asked around to borrow one, but I wouldn’t have trusted Bryn not to get it in a complete state so I decided to make one!



OK so it’s a bit blue but I’m so proud of myself! It’s made of inappropriately thin cotton and it’s not lined, and the brim is made from cardboard from a Weetabix box. I put a little bit of elastic at the back to secure the hat to his head, which worked a treat, and I then finished the raw edges with some nearly-matching bias binding. I’m surprised it lasted the day if I’m honest, but it was so quick to make (50 minutes) that I want to make another, lined this time. I’ve got some wool scraps that would be ideal!

While we’re on the subject of kid’s dressing up day, check out Armitage the rat!¬† He was made for Bethan’s outfit for World Book Day back in March (better late than never!).


He spent the day in Bethan’s blazer pocket (she went as Zoe from David Walliam’s Ratburger) and he even won a prize!

Hopefully I will be able to get some good pictures, from willing volunteers, of my new tops over the weekend. See you then!


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