In a twist

OK, I know I said that I had a couple of tops to show you but I made a dress and it pushed its way to the front of the blogging queue!

Here is my “In a twist dress” by So Sew Easy.

I used the fabric that I bought at the Spoolette meet up at Dewsbury. It’s quite a thick jersey fabric (I’m sure it’s got a proper name like ponte but I’m not 100% certain as it didn’t have a label!) This is my second attempt at sewing a garment in a knit fabric. The first one (here) was fun to sew (not to cut out) but it’s all pulled out of shape now – not enough to stop me wearing it though!

This dress was a nightmare to sew because my sewing machine really wasn’t coping with it at all. I used either a stretch stitch or an overcasting stitch – both of which I’ve used before with no problems but this time my thread kept doing this:

When I was on the stretch stitch, literally every cm or two I would hear a clunking sound and my thread would snap. It wasn’t so bad using the overcasting stitch but it still did broke every 20 cm or so. This ought to have been a quick sew but the constant stop-starting made it take ages. I tried adjusting my thread tension, my foot pressure. I re-threaded multiple times, used a ball point needle, used quality thread and it kept on doing it. Does anyone have any ideas?

Anyway the dress itself I love! The twist hides my big belly so it is really flattering.

Sewing problems aside, the dress was fun to put together and it had some interesting pattern pieces.

A little bit of sewing origami but it was perfectly explained on this YouTube tutorial here. I made a small error at the back where my back seam doesn’t match perfectly at the neck line and some of the facing pops out, but I can live with it.

The only ‘thing’ I have with this dress, which I only realised after seeing these photos, is that the fabric shows EVERY lump and bump. I have a lot of these and there’s a reason why you can’t see my bottom half in the above photo! I think I would like to make it again in a patterned fabric as it might disguise all the lumps and bumps!

This will make a great dress to take on holiday though. Just pulls on over the head and no ironing required!


13 thoughts on “In a twist

  1. Your dress looks fab! Much nicer than the drapey dress that you could’ve made!
    I’ve a slip from M&s that I wear under everything fitted and it make a huge difference so my ‘lumps’! It’s very tight but is comfy, and make me breathe in too! 😳

  2. Oh I’ve so got to get myself one of them. I think I would be too self-conscious without one! I think you’re right about the drapey dress too!

  3. Thank you! It’s so comfy – like a big T shirt really. You would soon get this dress whipped up on your over locker!

    • Thank you! I’m really pleased with how it turned out! (PS – lumps and bumps have been cropped out of the photo!)

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