UK Maker Faire

On Saturday we went to the UK Maker Faire at the Centre for Life in Newcastle.  It was the first time at a maker faire for all of us and we definitely had a good time.

The whole place was crammed full of makers of all kinds: lots of technology based stuff – 3D printing, laser cutters, electronics; a bit sci-fi – there was a dalek rolling about and a 7 foot wookie; but there was stuff for the stitchers as well because a big theme was wearable electronics – Corrine bought an e-textiles kit with sewable lights and conductive thread.

One thing I wasn’t sure about was how child friendly the event would be but it was great.  There was loads for the kids to see and do.  At one point Bethan and Corrine made light-up paper lanterns (for £1) while Bryn and I soldered a badge with a flashing led (for a massive £2).


     They even got to build these laser-cut maker monsters for free. 

Amongst other things we also stood in the rain and watched the Eepybird Coke and Mentos show (if you’ve never seen it watch the YouTube video here); saw a giant six-legged robot walking about; played with 3D printed robot cars; painted using acids and alkalis; made giant bubbles; and investigated swinging pendulums.

Could have spent a fortune but in the end mostly just came home with a head full of ideas for things we want to make in the future…


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