Me-Made-May Week 2

I’m still managing a different item each day although it’s getting harder.  After getting a good telling off from my brother about the quality of my photos I’ve tried to improve them – not very successfully, particularly with the indoor shots. Sorry about that.  Obviously it’s not been me taking them though! Here’s how I’ve done this week:


Friday 8th May

Above is my hand knitted gillet type-thing.  I’ve not worn this in ages and I thought it was quite a useful garment.  One to keep and I may bring it out again before the end of MMM is up.


Saturday 9th May

Good old ‘Auto Awesome’ by Google!  I love it when does random things to my photos – like making gifs for example! I’m wearing my In a twist dress to a family wedding.  I was so pleased with this dress as it was soooo comfortable yet smart. I think I’ll have to make another one of these!  This was an entirely me-made outfit so I was pleased with that.


Sunday 10th May

My Victoria blazer has had a reasonable amount of wear but usually only for posh nights out (and I don’t have many of those).  It’s supposed to be a casual blazer because it’s cropped and loose, however I think the fabric makes it dressy. This is the first time I’ve worn it with jeans.

Me cropped

Monday 11th May

This button-backed blouse was the first and last time I’ve worn this.  I couldn’t last the whole day and I had to take it off at lunch time as it was so uncomfortable.  It’s a shame because it looks so pretty on the hanger just awful on me.  It’s still too small around the bust and back but the really annoying thing are those sleeves.  I obviously have fat forearms.  Those cuffs were so tight!  I think it’s actually about a UK size 10 if anyone wants it?  Otherwise it’s off to the charity shop with this after I’ve taken my personalised label out of it.  I don’t want people knowing who made it – Scarborough’s a small town in that respect!


Tuesday 12th May

Today’s photographer would only play ball if we went to the park so I took the opportunity for an action shot. Here’s my Charlotte skirt that I love because the fit is so good.  The only problem with it is that I keep trying to put my phone in its non-existent pockets.  I think pockets might spoil the line of this skirt though.


Wednesday 13th May

One of the newish tops I’m supposed to be blogging about but I think that moment may have passed.  It’s from the third Great British Sewing Bee book and it’s the high-low hem top.  It’s really pretty but I messed up the fitting of it so it’s a little gapey in the front because I over-fitted the back.  Never mind, it’s still wearable. It’s paired with the same Charlotte skirt that I wore yesterday and I think they look nice together.  The fabric is a beautiful Liberty cotton lawn that I got from Fabworks in Dewsbury.  I need to go back and get some more and make it perfect next time!


Thursday 14th May

Today I’m using the ‘accessory’ clause of my pledge. This headband (made from the same material as Monday’s top) came from a book I borrowed from our local library some time ago.

Hope your MMM15 is still going strong.

4 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Week 2

  1. Love it all. And would love to be considered for the top, I have a small bust now so sadly it might fit me better. Keep going. Xxx

    • I will save it for you! I was thinking you may want it anyway. Are your forearms particularly skinny at the moment? 😉

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