Hers and hers matching leggings

Don’t panic – this is not a Me-Made-May post!  Although it’s kind of related.  I’m going for a me-made garment or accessory each day (it’s hard work!) and realised I’m going to run out of clothes next week.  I’m quite happy to start on the repeats but not whilst I’ve got perfectly good fabric around waiting to be made into clothes!

I bought a metre of scuba knit at the Dewsbury meet-up without having a real clue what to do with it.  I was orignally going to make a(nother) skirt but saw Thimberlina’s scuba leggings and thought I’d have a go at making them instead!

I got the (free) instructions on how to make custom made leggings from the So-Sew-Easy website, which is becoming my go-to sewing website.  I forgot to take photos of the maths involved but I quite enjoyed drafting the pattern for both Bethan and myself.

Leggings maffs

I added a 1/4″ seam allowance to the pattern as I was using the overcasting stitch on my sewing machine.  This stitch sews and finishes the seam in one so I only needed to go down each seam once.

Bethan's leggings

Can just about squeeze a leg out!

I was hoping to get a full pair of leggings for Bethan but my eyes were bigger than my sewing belly and had to make do with cycling shorts instead!

Bethan's leggings 2

Half way there

I didn’t want the fabric to ‘creep’ as I was sewing it so I was very good and basted the seams first.  This only took a couple of minutes and I think it made a difference.

Bethan handstand

Bethan testing her new cycling shorts

Bethan and I measured each other for our leggings.  Mine fit me perfectly but Bethan’s are a little tight around the crotch.  Ooops – who’s supposed to be the expert?  Obviously not me!

Corrine's leggings

Cunning pose so you can’t see the pattern matching across the legs!

I did give some thought for pattern matching across the legs but I’m ever so slightly out on mine.  I did a better job on Bethan’s.

leggings flower bum

Big star on my bum!

The pattern matching was better across the back!

Matchy leggings

Matchy matchy!

Bryn took the above photo.  I don’t think he realised that he was supposed to be taking pictures of our bottom halves!

The leggings are really comfy (for me) but a bit warm!  I wear leggings a lot, but usually the plain black variety, and I normally wear them under a dress, skirt or tunic.  I think I’ll stick to that rule.  That flowery backside is a little too much!

15 thoughts on “Hers and hers matching leggings

    • They’re so quick and easy. I rustled both pairs up this afternoon and I’m a very slow sewer, especially with knit fabrics. My machine hates knits! You’ll make very light work of it with your over locker!

  1. Aw I love that you having matching leggings – so cute! I love the fabric too! If they’re a bit warm you should have had the cycling shorts variety – doh!

    • Thanks! I’ll stick to leggings though – I never get my bare legs out. It made a nice change being warm anyway!

  2. They are fabulous and I really like the fact that you self-drafted them. Love the star on the bottom but are you brave enough to wear them with it showing?!!!

    • Thank you! Erm, no I’m not brave enough to show the star on my bottom! In future something will be covering that up!

    • I’m really pleased with how they turned out! And I couldn’t believe how quick they were to sew!

  3. These look great! And that is a tough fabric to match seeing you have to try to match both front and back. You did a great job and I think the ‘target’ on the back is fun! I’d wear them. Thanks for sharing and trying out the tutorial.

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