Me Made May Week 3

Me Made May still going on – here’s week 1 and here’s week 2.  And here’s this week’s round-up (apologies for the awful photos – I really should take them outside!):


A pair of easy trousers from Simple Modern Sewing. The fabric is a remnant from Abakhan’s in Manchester and I think it is a linen blend because it does tend to crease very easily.  The trousers have an elasticated waist, so a long top was needed to cover that up, but otherwise very comfy and great for work.


I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I made this. It’s a knitted halter neck top. From the front it doesn’t look too bad but for some bizarre reason it’s massive at the back! Paul had to safety pin me in. The only reason I still have it is because it took so much work to make it.  It’s about 10 years old so the memory of me making it has faded. That means I can put it on the bin pile! I would put it in the charity shop pile but no one will buy it as it’s biologically unlikely for a person to have a much wider back than their front!


My first pair of knitted socks! Well, I say pair but as you can see they’re odd! When I bought specific (and expensive) ‘sock’ wool I assumed it would be enough to make a pair! It wasn’t and when I eventually finished the first sock I couldn’t get hold of the same wool for the second one! These socks are great though – so warm and cosy. They’ve stood up to being washed loads as well. I have another pair of knitted socks on the go and I made sure I bought two balls this time!


This is my refashioned jeans waistcoat. It doesn’t get worn that much but there are some items that it goes well with so I am happy to keep it.


Tuesday 19th

A winter woolen skirt that I made from New Look 6035.  I love the colour but I’m not sure the exaggerated A-line shape is for me.  I had to lengthen it though so perhaps that’s what made it look a little odd.


Wednesday 20th

Apologies for the rubbish mirror selfie.  I don’t like doing them but in this case I did a better job of photographing myself than my family did!  Here I’m wearing my wraparound top, which I also got from the same book as the trousers at the top of the page.  This top has pulled its weight so it’s a keeper.


Thursday 21st

My Meringue skirt that I made when I was just starting to take sewing seriously.  This came from the Colette handbook.  I’ve lost a little weight since making this so it’s a bit big.  Also I made this before I knew about such things like under-stitching so the waist facing does tend to pop out a bit.  I suppose I can go back and fix it though.  The fabric choice is also wrong as it’s a quilting cotton that creases so easily.  I’m not really selling this skirt am I?  It’s nice and light weight though.  Perfect for this time of year and also perfect for going to my slimming club and getting weighed in it!  I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep it for.  I guess I’ll make the decision during next Me Made May.

8 thoughts on “Me Made May Week 3

  1. Nice round up! Do like your woolen skirt😃. Your sock reminded me that I bought a sick knitting class on Craftsy last year – must get round to that

  2. Oh I’m glad you like the skirt. It’s such a different shape to what I normally go for so maybe it’s a good thing to be a bit different once in a while. Good luck with the sock knitting! They’re reasonably quick once you get going!

  3. Looking good Corrine! Think it’s getting tougher for us all now the end of mAy is in sight! Getting the photos is as difficulty as finding the clothes I think, so well done on that too! 😀

    • You’re not wrong there! Every time I ask for a photo to be taken I get the rolling eyes! It’s half term now (yay) so may be able to add a few more makes before the month is up.

    • Thanks! You’ve both convinced me – the skirt is staying! Regarding MMM I think I’ve got until Tuesday before the repeats come out – unless I can squeeze a few more makes in, it is half term afterall!

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