Me Made May Week 4

Here is the last full week of Me Made Mayness. I’ve also used up all of my me-made clothes and accessories (apart from wooly hats and scarves).


A work day and everyone was shocked at the discovery that I have legs. This is the wrap dress that I made just before Christmas from the second GBSB book (here). It’s OK but this was my first foray into knit fabrics. I did not know about stabilising necklines and shoulders and the like so it has pulled out of shape. However, because it’s a wrap dress I can pretty much hoick the dress where I want it and secure it with the tie. I will be keeping this one.


This was my first public outing of my recently made leggings. Didn’t dare to wear them without a skirt over the top though!


I wore this dress to a family BBQ and I wish I remembered to take pictures there. This is my Pastille dress that I made a long while ago. I hated making it because I could not get the fit right – it was far too loose at the back. It still does not fit (in fact it’s worse because I’ve lost a minuscule amount of weight) and the sewing is really quite shoddy. It’s a dress that makes me realise how far I’ve come! In going to keep it though. The fit problems are covered with a cardie!

Monday 25th – no photo today as it was my first repeat. I spent the bank holiday in my leggings sewing toile number two of my bridesmaid dress. Hopefully more news on that later in the week…


I’m pulling a really strange face in this photo. Try to look at my top instead! Today we had Christmas dinner at my sister-in-law’s (we take turns to spread them out during the year – we held ours in March) and I wore this top. It is technically a wearable muslin of the sleeveless shell top from the latest GBSB book. The fabric is what was left over from my pastille dress and it’s been used in a lot of other places too. It could do with being a size smaller because the shoulders keep slipping off and the back and front gapes, although it doesn’t look too bad in the photo. I do like the top though. Despite being a muslin I finished it to a high standard which makes me very happy to wear it.


Don’t laugh. This is me after a run. My mum and I are following the ‘couch to 5K’ and that was our first session. I’m not looking too red in the face although I’m suffering today! I’m wearing the very first project I’ve ever sewn on my own. My black shorts were totally inappropriate for running in but it had to be done for MMM!  I originally made them because I needed some black shorts for a staff v pupil netball match that we played at my last school. I wasn’t happy about spending money on a one-off event and bought this fabric, and a pattern on a whim. From the outside they look pretty good (they even have pockets) but the inside is pretty shocking. I didn’t know seams were supposed to be finished!


I’m pulling out the accessory clause again for this one. I’m using the bag I made on my Bag Lady course. And as an extra bonus Bethan is using her bag too.

That’s me done now. I will continue to wear me-made for the rest of the month but they will all be repeats now. I’ll also have to fix, unravel or donate the clothes I no longer want to keep.  We’re nearly there…

4 thoughts on “Me Made May Week 4

    • You’re right, there’s nothing wrong with repeats. In fact I got much further into May without repeats than I thought I would so I’m pretty happy!

  1. Oooo, another week! Well done! Don’t you think it’ll be strange when we can get up and get dressed and wear anything! At the minute I lay in bed wondering what the heck i can wear!! I really need it to be sunny now to make the last few days easier! 😃

    • Thanks! I must admit I am looking forward to wearing any old thing, particularly because May has been so rubbish I’ve been wearing really inappropriate clothes. Hopefully we’ll get those sunny days any time now!

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