Minifig Display Stand

Pallet projects – everyone is doing them and I was feeling a bit left out.  So after a bit of badgering my mate Damian got me a pallet from work (Stuart’s Foods – for all your fruit and veg needs!). As usual I have forgotten to take any ‘in construction’ pictures but it isn’t very complicated.

I found out the same as everyone else that the hardest part of a pallet project is breaking the thing apart.  I used a combination of claw hammer, screwdriver and swearing, which seemed to work.  In the end I only used the top planks from the pallet that were in the best condition.  You will see that Damian managed to get me a nice pink pallet that gives the final product a good colour.

Anyway, inspired by this pallet shelf on Woodworking for Mere-mortals I set out to make a Lego mini-figure display stand. Despite thinking I was making it quite large there still isn’t enough room to fit all the kid’s figures on there.

 The basic construction was the same as the mere-mortals’ one except that I made the shelves go across the full width and the used my router to make a groove about a centimetre back from the front edge of each shelf.  The groove is just the right size to fit a one stud wide Lego plate. 

 With a bit of experimenting I worked out that if I bought 6×1 plates then seven of them would fit exactly the width of a shelf.  I used Brick Owl (a brilliant website for getting specific Lego pieces) to find a seller with 21 plates (and I may have bought a couple of extra minifigs as well).  The plates are stuck in place with hot melt glue.

Final step, I made the sign for the top.  I fancy having a go at pyrography but without the proper tool I just used my soldering iron to burn the logo into the wood.  From a distance it looks OK.

 I hope you like it.  Please don’t tell me that in the picture I have got the wrong legs on a particular body or something. This is Lego that gets played with by children.  Just need to work out where to put it now…


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