Being a bridesmaid!

Hello again!  Apologies if you thought you were inadvertently following a woodworking blog with the recent posts – my husband has been very busy in his Manshed (and my garden shed – it is very squished).  I can assure you that I’ve been very busy sewing it’s just that until now I’ve been unable to blog about any of it!

I may have mentioned that I was to be a bridesmaid and that I was to make my own dress!  This was very exciting but also a bit daunting.  I’m still not very experienced but with each make I get a little better.  After Christmas I decided that I had better look for some fabric.  The bride suggested gold but she was very laid back about it all.  Debbie (the bride) made all her own flowers from paper and she sent me some of the paper to match my dress to.  The flowers she made were magnificent!  So much work went into them I had to include some here…


One of two topiary trees that she made and if you look carefully you can also see a mini tree on the table next to it.  She also made the bouquets, button holes and a little wand for her daughter who was a very pretty flower girl!

Anyway, my dress… By April, and a lot of fruitless fabric shopping (both internet and actual browsing) I was starting to panic that I wouldn’t find anything suitable that was decent quality at a price I could afford.  Of course I would have loved silk but that was well out of my price range!  Thank goodness Ali (AKA Thimberlina) organised the Yorkshire Spoolette meet up and I struck gold (literally).  At Fabworks they sold this beautiful cotton sateen that has a metallic shimmer to it.  At £4.99 a metre and 60″ wide it was an absolute bargain.  I bought the remainder of the bolt – 4m of the stuff.

I had already made a couple of toiles to decide which dress I wanted to make (the Kim dress here and the Flora dress here – both patterns from By Hand London) and I loved both dresses but thought that the Flora was more bridesmaidy.  I had to make a lot of adjustments on the bodice to get the fit right and I don’t think I got it perfect but it felt pretty good to wear!  My mum helped me a lot with the bodice fitting.  Because Flora has a circle skirt I let it hang for over a week and it dropped substantially in places.  Paul’s mum helped me to sort the hem out by getting me to stand on the dining table and twirl around while she measured up from the table.  I ended up hemming the skirt with bias binding and hand stitching it in place.  Even though my stitching was very tiny you could still see it which was slightly annoying but other than stick the hem up with that web stuff (which always comes unstuck) I couldn’t really see a way around that one.  Anyway, here are the photos, and I was really hoping for some better ones than these but it wasn’t my job to be taking photos that day!

Me 2

Twirly shot!

Twirly shot!



I also made a couple of bits and bobs for Debbie’s daughter, Aoife.  I made her a matching sash and bow to go around her dress.  I also made her a little bag to hold her stuff.

20150617_223214    20150617_223203

The spotty lining in the bag is the same lining I used on my dress.  It is a cotton lawn bought at Minerva Crafts although I can’t seem to find it now.  I stupidly didn’t take a photo of the back of Aoife’s dress where the bow is because we were really pushed for time – we were slightly late for the ceremony as it was!  I was still pinning it on to her for the first time 10 minutes before we were due to start.  They don’t live near me so we couldn’t check it out before hand.  However, I did take a photo of my son reluctantly modelling it so that Debbie could get a feel for how it looked!

Not at all happy about this!

Not at all happy about this!

The bow was on the big side but looked very cute with the gold sash!

A few selfies to finish….

Me and the bride Debbie

Me and the bride Debbie

The groom (Michael) and me.

The groom (Michael) and me.

Appleby family!

Appleby family!


12 thoughts on “Being a bridesmaid!

    • Thanks Hila! The fabric was lovely to sew and I’ve still got lots left to make a cheeky little something! 👗☺

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  2. Aw, you look lovely! Your dress looks amazing and I wouldn’t worry about the hem (though I do resort to wonder web at times!). The fit is spot on, and I bet you’ll get chance to wear it at other posh dos too. Love your family selfie 😀

  3. Thank you! The current plan is to detach the bodice and make it into a skirt. I think I’ll wear it more that way and as it is it it’s little too formal to get much wear out of it. I’m going to enter it into our local country fair first under ‘garment sewn with a sewing machine’. I’m not expecting much because it’s not exactly couture but it will be good for a giggle!

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