#sewingsanta dress finally made up

Hello there!  We’ve just come back from a lovely holiday in Crete and I thought I’d share my latest project with you.  I made a dress especially for my hols.

Late last year I took part in #sewingsanta where like-minded bloggers sent sewing gifts to each other.  I was very excited to receive this:


It is Papercut’s Midsummers night dream dress/cami.  It is very much a summer sewing dress pattern so I have only just got round to making it.  The package was gifted by underalteration and she couldn’t remember what the fabric composition was but she thought it may be a silk-cotton mix.  After letting my mum fondle the fabric for a bit she agreed it probably was a silk mix.  Whatever it is it is lovely!  It doesn’t crumple too much and is very nice to wear – perfect for packing away in a suitcase!


And the back…


Because it is a wrap dress there is some flexibility with fitting which is good because I made the bodice a little on the big side.  I cut a size small for the bodice and graded out to a size medium for the waist and skirt.  It also ‘wraps’ the wrong way round but I can live with that.  My physical and spacial awareness is not so good!

Quite a lot of bias binding was required and I knew that shop bought stuff would be no good as it would look silly.  So I set to make my own binding out of the left over scraps of fabric.  I used this tutorial to make lots of bias tape.  I’m going to have to invest in a bias tape maker!  It was very fiddly ironing in the creases by eye but it got done and I think it looks good!  The bias tape forms the tie straps too.


Waiting to go in the wash so a bit creased!

The seam allowance is 1cm for this pattern which is smaller than I’m used to but I do think the insides look neat because of it.  For the bodice seams I zigzagged using my overcasting foot and pressed the seam allowances open.  For the rest of the seams I zigzagged the seam allowances together (saves time and thread!) and pressed to one side.

I’ve had so many sewing jobs recently (notably my bridesmaid dress) that I couldn’t make a start on this until they were all finished, but making this dress has been in the back of my mind for a while now so it feels good to get it completed.  I was literally finishing it off the evening before we flew out to Crete!  The dress was lovely to wear on the balmy evenings, nice and cool.


Our flight from Leeds Bradford Airport was delayed an hour and a half so we were stuck on the plane for that time.  We did get to mooch round the cockpit though so that was fun!


Don’t touch ANYTHING!


7 thoughts on “#sewingsanta dress finally made up

  1. Perfect summers dress, you look lovely! And how lucky are those kiddie winks of yours getting to sit in the drivers seat! I bet they didn’t mind being delayed.
    Now I’m just gonna go r ad about your bridesmaid dress, you must’ve posted whilst I was away – I thought I’d caught up with my reader, but I obviously haven’t! 😀
    PS ta for your email – got them all wrapped up yesterday and am posting today.

    • Ah thank you! I’m quite pleased with it! I don’t know who was more excited about visiting the cockpit though, me or the kids!

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