Burniston Show

For the first time ever the Appleby family has entered a few items into a country show!  Burniston is a small village north of Scarborough which holds it’s country fair every August bank holiday.  This is its 120th year so it’s been going for a while.

Bryn entered two children’s categories -‘Four butterfly buns’ and a ‘decorated hat or crown’.  The buns didn’t get anywhere (although they did taste delicious) but the crown did!


Having to hold the soggy crown up!

The inspiration came from King Bob’s crown (a minion thing) and was made from lining wallpaper, cotton wool and lots of gold paint and fake gems!  It did get a bit wet in the typical bank holiday weather though!

Bethan entered three children’s categories – ‘a piece of needlecraft’, ‘an illustrated favourite poem (handwriting)’ and ‘three decorated cupcakes on a garden theme’.  She couldn’t have done any better in any of these because she won each of them (so proud!)


This is what the needlework looked like…

cross stitch

and it won a trophy! (Or rather it would have done if last year’s winners remembered to bring the trophy with them – they’re going to post it!)

Paul and I are going to claim some of the glory for her winnings though because we had to nag, threaten and cajole to get her to finish the things that she wanted to do in the first place.  A big thankyou to both grandmas for helping her get the needlework done by giving her stitch ideas and some extra threads!

Paul entered two categories – ‘a jar of lemon curd’ and a ‘handicraft in wood’.  Last year there were only two entries in that woodwork category so Paul and our friend Lee got together and decided they were going to double the number of entrants this year.  They were correct as this year there were four entries.

Paul and Lee

Paul came second with his cute mini chest of drawers (a blog post to follow shortly) and Lee came third with his shed guardian, Derek (also pictured).  Well done Lads!

Paul also did well in his lemon curd..

lemon curd

I entered ‘a jar of chutney’.  It was mango chutney and it didn’t get anywhere but I’m not too sad because I did OK in other categories!  First, the sewing….

I entered my bridesmaid dress in the ‘sewing machine made garment’ and it came third.  Which doesn’t sound too bad until I tell you there were only four entries!  I knew instantly the one that was going to win that category and I hung mine right next to it!

bridesmaid dress

The winning jacket (well suit actually) was certainly not to my taste but I couldn’t argue with the fact that it showed some much harder techniques than my dress which, lets face it, was a beginner’s pattern!  My unblogged bag also came third but as there were far more bags entered into the ‘handmade bag’ category I was very pleased with that!


bags side by side

Mine’s the one on the left!

If you read Love Sewing magazine you may recognise the pattern.  It is the Lotta Tote Bag from SusieDDesigns and it was in issue 10 of the magazine.  The bag was very simple to make but I really took my time to make sure all the seams lined up and the top-stitching was perfect.  Cutting a great big hole in the top to insert the metal handle after the bag was finished was very stressful but it turned out well – phew!

My final category was ‘carrot cake’.  Thanks to the Great British Bake Off the cake categories were huge and they had more entries than ever.  I have a TNT recipe for this that never fails…

carrot cake


and it got me first place! Yay!  I was slightly concerned that I was the only person who had not decorated their cake. I tried to glaze some real carrots a la James Martin but they turned out minging and I chucked them. There were fewer carrot cakes (8) than any other cake category which helped! The lemon drizzle cake category had 20 cakes entered and that was the other one I was toying with.  That would have been a different story!

We’re rather pleased with our successes today and we’re already thinking about next year…


21 thoughts on “Burniston Show

  1. Well done the lot of you. Such a talented family. I am hoping for another Christmas of homemade makes. I already have some ideas and have been trying some new crafts.
    And you were robbed re the dress. It was beautiful, you did us both proud. Xx

    • Oh I have a few ideas about Christmas gifts and I hope I can make them work! I’m excited to see what crafts you’re trying! And I’m fine with 3rd place! I’m still proud of it but compared to the other entries it was much simpler!

  2. Wow! Well done the Applebys! Bethan: amazing! Bryn: fab minion crown…I love it! Auntie Corrine: brilliant…especially pleased with the carrot cake, considering the Bake Off influx. Uncle Paul: fantastic, however I want to know who came first in woodwork, as those drawers were blummin brilliant, so there’s must have been shop bought (???). I’m slightly gutted. But still super proud of all of you. Xxx

    • Thanks Auntie Jo! I agree that Paul was a bit diddled with the woodwork. I wish I took a photo of the winning object now, it certainly wasn’t shop bought though! It was a turned object and looked like a very tiny urn! Why would you want to make something like that?? It was made with different woods and did show a few techniques but Paul’s was definitely better!

    • Thank you – we are quite pleased, Bethan particularly! Unfortunately the weather really spoilt it as it was so miserable. The site is pretty much next door to the garden centre!

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  4. It was a realllllllly long time ago, I think I left in around 1984 aged 8…! Where did you go to school? I did think that your surname was familiar, but then it wouldn’t have been your surname back then!

    • Hmm. Paul was age 8/9 in 1984. Perhaps you were in the same class??! I never went to school in Scarborough as I didn’t move here originally until I was 16.

      • I reckon we were in the same class. I was only there for 18 months at that point as we’d moved around loads. My teacher was Mrs Ribey I think. Small world, eh?! I still get all my clogs from Bjorn!!

      • Ooh, each time you reply I have more questions! He did indeed have Mrs Riby. He’s been trying to work out if he knows you but his memory is terrible! did you move around a lot because your parents were in the forces/GCHQ? corrineappleby@gmail.com

      • Paul was in the same class as Patrick Mancrief (a common Scarborough name). He must have been very naughty! So that confirms that you were in the same class – hilarious!

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