My Made Up make(s)

I’m sure that most of you know about the Made-Up initiative by now (and if you don’t you should click on the link). I thought it was a good enough cause to donate to and make a pledge. My family have been nagging asking me for a while to make something they can attach their swimming and gymnastics badges to.  I agreed quite readily because I thought it would be quick to do.  Even so, it kept going to the back of the sewing queue because I prefer making clothes! For myself! When this initiative came along I knew straight away what I had to pledge. I’ve just checked out my pledge on Just Giving to see if I have any loop holes that allows me to say I’ve successfully completed my pledge but it turns out I was quite specific!

I said “I pledge to finally complete two wall-hangings to display the children’s swimming & gymnastics badges”. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite successful! I couldn’t remember if I said a number or not but I did! Never mind, I have completed one. Here it is:

wall hanging

It’s essentially a small quilt that has my son’s name appliquéd across the middle.  There is supposed to be one for my daughter but I’ve only managed to stick the letters on to some backing fabric:

bethan wall hanging

We did originally have swimming and gymnastic badges on a small PE bag but soon ran out of space.  I thought a wall-hanging was the best way to display the badges rather than have them rattling around in a drawer.  We went shopping to Boyes in Scarborough where the kids both chose the main fabric they wanted. They then went to my stash to choose the fabric for the letters. Bethan chose black and white, and Bryn copied her because he lacks imagination! We chose a suitable font on the computer and traced around the words on the screen because my printer is running out of ink!  Bethan and I cut the letters out and made a pattern to cut out the fabric. We repeated with Bondaweb. There was an awful lot of letter cutting going on. The letters were then backed with the Bondaweb (I love that stuff!) and ironed on to the fabric.


This was as far as I got with Bethan’s wall-hanging.  Because Bryn only has four letters in his name (and fewer badges) I thought I’d concentrate on that one because I realised that these projects were not going to be as quick as I initially thought!

Once the letters were stuck on I went around them with a mock blanket stitch on my sewing machine.  I quite like the effect although it’s something I need to practice because I’m a little wonky.

wall hanging n

I found some cheap and nasty black and white spotty fabric that was in my stash.  Rubbish for making clothes with but perfect for a project like this.  I used it to make a border. I then cut a backing piece of fabric out of the same black and white stuff (It’s all gone now, the stash is slowly coming down!) and I basted some wadding on to it.  Some loops were added so the wall hanging can be hung with dowel. I attached the back to the front, right sides together, sandwiching the loops, and stitched around the edge leaving a small gap in the bottom to turn through.  This was then slip-stitched closed by hand for a neat finish.  Just to prevent the back rolling, and as a bit of an afterthought, I top stitched all around the panel.  Bryn hasn’t got many badges bless him (although we’ve misplaced one somewhere) so it didn’t take too long to zig-zag his badges on the wall-hanging.

I think the wall hanging has come out rather well and should look great in his bedroom.  Being back at work has meant very little time for hobbies so I know that I haven’t quite fulfilled my pledge, but if I also pledge to complete Bethan’s wall-hanging before embarking on any other project, will you let me off please? Especially as I’ve just purchased the Sew Independent pattern bundle (extended until the 12th of September if you’re interested and 20% of that money goes to charity too!) and I have the perfect fabric, washed and ready to go, to make the Jasper hoodie that comes with the bundle!  The temptation is killing me!



6 thoughts on “My Made Up make(s)

  1. Fantastic idea! I didn’t know you can get that cute blanket stitch on machines. You’d better finish Bethan’s before starting something else, or you will be in trouble!!

    • Thanks! The blanket stitch is on my posh Janome but not on my basic Singer (I need to sell that thing!). Bethan’s project is on my to-do list for the weekend but hers will take a lot longer. Fingers crossed it gets finished!

    • I didn’t decide to pledge until some way into it so I’m not really surprised I didn’t finish them both. Life would be so much fun if I didn’t have to work!

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