Another Scrollsaw box

In a previous post you’ve already heard about my spectacular success at Burniston Show.  This isn’t about my lemon curd, which was very nice, but about my second place in the woodwork category.

I decided I would make something specially for the show and after my previous attempt at a scrollsaw box I thought I would try another one.  It is from the same book as last time but, although it wasn’t difficult to make, it took a lot longer because there were so many parts.


Here they are all laid out.  On the left you can see the first two drawer pieces clamped together.  Cutting out all the pieces took a while, as you can probably imagine, but the it was even longer gluing everything together.  Then I spent quite a while sanding as I wanted the box to have a good finish. 

 I was thinking of lining the drawers with felt or baize but in the end decided to leave them to show off the wood as much as possible.

There are loads more boxes I could make from the book but next I should probably go for one with box joints or using the wooden hinges I made previously.

8 thoughts on “Another Scrollsaw box

  1. Wow that is AMAZING Stuart. Please can I go on your ( I expect) very long list of people who want one. 😜😜😜😜😜 I guess Sis will be at the top. Lol. Xxxx

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    • You do realise that your nephew-in-law’s name is Paul don’t you!? 😉 He says thanks for the compliments but you may be waiting a LONG time for one. He has a clock to finish off first! Xxx

  2. Wow, I’m in such awe!! Carpentry is my secret passion, but my husband refused to get me a circular saw for my 30th a few years ago :). It’s just beautiful!!

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