The Yorkshire Coast 10K VNA top

This is a top that I completed a few weeks ago now but I have saved blogging it as I wanted to take photos of it in situ! I have made Fehrtrade’s VNA top that came with the most recent pattern bundle from Sew Independent.  I made this especially for taking part in the Yorkshire Coast 10K race in Scarborough.



These were taken in my garden before walking down to the sea front to take part in the race. Thankfully the weather was just about perfect, not too hot, not too cold.

My daughter is pretty good at taking photos but her price is that she makes me pull at least one silly pose each time (I don’t always publish these though!)….


Awful photo but at least you get to see the side view!

I was very impatient about getting down to sewing this top up as I had a deadline, but despite the fact that I knew I was going to be wearing this for the 10K, it was still only intended to be a muslin. The fabric used was quite cheap lycra or ‘leotard fabric’ as my daughter calls it. It is not technical fabric at all, and certainly not breathable, but as it’s October I didn’t particularly think that mattered.

I had a lot of goings on with sewing this up but I was expecting that because of the nature of the fabric used. It was so slippery I couldn’t keep track of it as it moved about constantly. Overall, the top came together quite quickly considering the amount of unpicking I had to do – it turns out you can unpick a stretch stitch but it’s very painstaking!

The pattern instructions did call for precision throughout which I found impossible. There’s a lot of binding to do and at first I put in stacks of pins, but no matter, the fabric kept squidging about all over the place.  I ended up hand basting the binding in place which worked better but was still not perfect as the next photo shows!


See how the binding does not line up with the blue underneath despite the basting (and pins)? Also I couldn’t sew this stuff in a straight line!  I’m amazed my top looks as good as it does!

From the front it looks pretty good although this was the second attempt at sewing the neck binding…


Unfortunately all the unpicking and resewing meant my neckline did stretch out slightly and it’s on the wavy side.

Overall, I’m thrilled with how my new top looks. I don’t think it looks handmade at all from the outside (the inside is a different story)! This project was a real skill builder – lycra fabric, walking foot, stretch stitch and for the first time, a twin needle! I used the twin needle for top stitching near to the binding and it makes it look so much more professional!

Since sewing my top I’ve had my birthday and look what my lovely husband got me…


This would have probably come in handy for the VNA top! I’ve not had much of an opportunity to play with it yet but I was determined to practice using it by completing a project. Here’s me sewing the free Running Armband pocket also from Fehrtrade.


I also got a selfie stick for my birthday which Paul is playing with..

Two machines on the go at once! I felt like a professional!

I’m determined not to be frightened of my new overlocker and I’ve already bought some cones of thread so I’m going to rethread the thing soon (maybe)!


I need a bit of practice with my new toy but here is Bethan modelling her new armband pocket! It was supposed to be mine but it came up rather small and my bingo wing was piling out over the top of it giving me an arm-muffin top. Not a good look!

Anyway, the race! I signed up to complete the 5K Race for Life back in July with my mum. In order to train for this we followed the couch to 5K programme. If you’re a newbie runner I would totally recommend this.  It builds you up perfectly. When I got home, and in a moment of madness, I immediately signed up for the Scarborough 10K. This meant that I had to keep on training. I run three times a week now with a minimum distance of 5K and I hate it when I’m doing it but it feels good when I’m back home with a cup of tea in my hand! Thankfully, Scarborough is a very pretty place so it’s easy to find pleasant routes.  Anyway, I ran the 10K this morning in 57 minutes and 30 seconds and I’m so pleased with my time. Considering I was a complete beginner I think I’ve done pretty well! The whole family took part, with the kids taking part in the fun runs that followed the main race.

10K Before pics

Looking fresh-faced before the race


s6f maths team (although I don’t teach maths!)

BeFunky Collage fun run

Bethan smiled the whole way through her 2.5K race and Bryn ran his 1 mile race without stopping or walking!

17 thoughts on “The Yorkshire Coast 10K VNA top

    • Ha ha! I’ve read my instructions (I’m good like that) and I’ve tried to watch the DVD that came with it but this was difficult as it was so awful! Good to know that you found your overlocker useful!

  1. Having seen your 10k pics before reading this, I would never have guessed that you’d made that top Corrine. Fantastic. X

  2. Yay! Fab top & a fab time too for your 10k! What a result!! 🎉🎉🎉 Happy birthday too, you’re gonna love your overlocker. Do you know when changing its thread you can snip the old colour at the spool, then knot the 2 co,ours together (trimming the ends). Then run a scrap through the machine. The loopers colours will change first then watch out for the knots getting close to the needle. When it’s nearly there snip the thread to remove the knot and thread the needle. I’d had mine yonks before I knew this! 😀

  3. Well done on the 10K and the running top. I bought an overlocker this morning – special offer in LIDL. I’m a bit terrified of it but determined to master it! Thanks to Thimberlina for the tip on changing the thread!

    • Thanks very much! I’d be interested to see how you get on with your new toy. I saw the Lidl offer but thankfully there is no shop nearby so I don’t need to feel guilty that my husband didn’t get such a good deal!

    • Thanks very much! I really enjoyed sewing my top and I’m sure you would enjoy sewing sportswear yourself. If you go to the Fehrtrade website there is a post on various online places you can buy the right fabric from – not that I’ve tried them yet but I will 😉

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  5. Sorry for delayed response – your VNA is brilliant. I bought the pattern and technical fabric a year ago but still haven’t attempted it. As running is my second love, I really want to meld the two. Super impressed with your twin needled work too!

    • Thank you so much. This was a lot of fun to make. It’s very cool to wear a running top you’ve made yourself – people don’t expect it at all!

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