#stitchingsanta and my trip to Harrogate

Hello! Thought I’d let you know that I’m still alive. It’s a little inexcusable that I haven’t posted for about two months but I can assure you I have been very busy, mostly with work. I’ve also been doing a fair amount of sewing but this has been for Christmas presents so have been unable to blog about them (for now). I have also jumped on the sequin bandwagon and have finished a Simple Sews Sophia top but taking blog worthy photos of matt black sequins in December has been beyond me. I will make a concerted effort over the weekend!

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Knit and Stitch show in Harrogate and managed to spend a little (ahem) money on lots of pretty things:


Plenty of Christmassy fat quarters – I’m so easily seduced by these but I don’t always have a plan for them. I hope to spend some time with Bethan and make some Christmas decorations but not sure what yet. I also got lots of knit fabric so I can use my new overlocker. The beautiful teal fabric in the centre is stretch lace and was a bit of a splurge. I was thinking of making the lace pencil skirt that is in the latest GBSB book.

The Russian doll panel on the end is a Christmas present for Bethan. She can make about 4 stuffed dolls with this (hopefully she won’t read this!).

The bulk of my #stitchingsanta money went on one of these items too but I won’t tell you what. I’m very relieved that my #stitchingsanta parcel is put together and ready for posting. I hope it goes down well! Here is a sneak peek – hopefully you can’t tell what they are!



11 thoughts on “#stitchingsanta and my trip to Harrogate

  1. I’m getting all excited now seeing the stitchingsanta posts popping up!! More so now mines ready to post, phew! I’m rather envious of your trip to Harrogate, I’m going to have to get myself there next year. 😀

    • It feels good to get it posted. Although now I’m worried I haven’t done enough! My husband thinks we’re all bonkers adding this extra stress at this time of year (but I love it!).

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