Simple Sews Sequin Sophia

I must confess that I completed this top some time ago but I’ve been having a right going-on trying to get half decent photos.  However, today it was sunny and warm (It’s December!!!) so I took the opportunity to get some location shots. Here I am on the Spa footbridge in Scarborough overlooking South Bay.


It still doesn’t show the top particularly well. This is one example of clothing that looks better in artificial light it turns out. I remembered that I have halogen lighting in the bathroom so thought I’d see if that helped…


That looks a bit more sparkly doesn’t it? In fairness the fabric is not very blingy – it’s Guthrie and Ghani’s Matt Black Sequins (here although it’s currently out of stock) which I bought when there was a 20% off sequin fabric sale back in November. I followed Lauren’s video on how to deal with sequin fabric and it’s pretty much the same as any other fabric minus having to do the seam finishing.

I chose Simple Sews Sophia top as I wanted a nice easy pattern. This came free with issue 19 of Love Sewing Magazine and included a lovely skirt pattern which is also on my ‘to make’ list. It was very straightforward although I did have to make two as this top has a lining. I used a lovely soft black viscose, again bought from Guthrie and Ghani. I used the lining as a toile and cut a straight size 12. Simple Sews stuff do seem to be generously sized as I’m normally a 14 in RTW stuff.

I ordered 1.5m and the fabric was nice and wide so I’ve got plenty left over for another project. I cut the facings out of the viscose and I’ve got plenty of that left too.

simple sews sequins

Cutting into this fabric was interesting. Sequins went flying off everywhere. I’m still finding them now all these weeks later.  I seriously recommend wearing safety goggles whilst cutting into this stuff. I got half a sequin stuck in my eye, which wasn’t pleasant, but I managed to fish it out eventually. Mind you, I wasn’t even wearing my normal glasses at the time!


Overall I’m happy with this make. It is quite a boxy look and it’s on the wide side but it looks good with a high-waisted skirt. I’ve tried it on with jeans and it looked awful. It is quite cropped which, I must admit, is not my usual style. Even in my high waisted jeans there is too much flesh on show so I’ll save this top to wear with skirts!  Because there is so much fabric left I’m thinking I might have another go with a different pattern. Lauren suggests the Scout tee and I’ve seen so many lovely looking ones on various blogs I may have a go at that one.  Possibly a matching clutch bag too – I love making bags!

In other news, my #stitchingsanta parcel has gone and I believe it’s been received which is a big relief.  Fingers crossed she likes it!  I’m just waiting on tenterhooks for mine now….



15 thoughts on “Simple Sews Sequin Sophia

  1. Loving the blue sky on the seafront. If I showed my dad this he’d be gutted. Him and his pals regular have a ride over on their motorbikes to Scarborough for fish and chips on the front.
    The tops looks lovely, but by the time I jump on the band wagon christmas will be over and I won’t need one. This will be lovely to wear over the holidays.
    I’m still waiting with baited breath for my parcel too……!

  2. Thanks! With your stunning new Wren (and new Coco) you don’t need a sparkly garment. It was very strange standing on Spa bridge in a sleeveless sparkly top. It wasn’t cold at all but I did get some strange looks! Glad it’s not just me who’s waiting for #stitchingsanta to arrive. I’m going to be waiting for that postman tomorrow…

  3. Lovely top! You are very brave tackling sequins successfully! I would feel the same about wearing anything cropped, but the shape of this does look really flattering. Looking forward to seeing you wearing it with the matching skirt too 🙂

    • Thank you! The sequins weren’t difficult to sew really, just lethal to cut out! You may be waiting a while for the matching skirt though. Knowing my level of organisation it will probably next Christmas!

  4. Lovely to see one of these made up. I loved it instantly when my copy arrived in the post. I really like the idea of Matt sequins too. A real shame you’re not that happy with it, probably worth trying on with a lot of different bottoms, or maybe even over a dress so there’s no skin-show…

    • I am happy with it but, like you say, you have to wear the right thing with it. I’ve got a black skirt which looks really nice with it (will probably be my Christmas day outfit) and if I want to go really dressy, it looks good over my bridesmaid dress! Can’t have skin-show at my age!

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