Christmas gifts and my #stitchingsanta

You may (or may not) have noticed that I went quiet for a little while on my blog during October and November. This was because I was sewing some Christmas and birthday gifts and felt I wasn’t really in a position to share them all. The gifts have been received now so I can write about them…

First up…. I made some Christmas stockings for my friend and her family. I had an idea in my head about what I wanted but couldn’t quite find what I wanted so I decided to make my own pattern (go me!). I wanted an elf-style stocking but one that was practical enough to put gifts in. I found some on Pinterest but they were intended to be decoration only. This was my inspiration:

Elf stockings

Image taken from

And here’s my version:


I used my bag-making skills to fully line the stockings so everything was enclosed and, even if I do say so myself, rather professional looking (unlike my grainy photographs)! The fabric came from Scarborough Sewing Centre and if they had a website I’d include a link. I only bought half a metre of each fabric type but it was just about enough.

Making these stockings gave me the idea of making a stocking for my #stitchingsanta repient who was Beth who blogs over at After Dark Sewing. I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the stocking from one whole piece so I pieced it together with the scraps left over.

Once I’d stitched the fabric strips together I cut around the pattern and proceeded as normal. I didn’t have enough fabric to make the top of the stocking so found some white felt in my stash and used that as the topper. Because the felt was so bulky I couldn’t line the stocking like I did with all the others and had to bind it instead but I liked the effect!

Now, as this was the sixth stocking I made, you would have thought I’d be quite good at making them wouldn’t you? Wrong! I well and truly ballsed this up (why with the person who sews for a living?!). When I tried to push the lining back into the stocking I realised that I’d attached the lining the wrong way round. The best way to fix it would have been to unpick the binding, unpick the felt, free the lining and turn the whole thing around and reattach. I didn’t take a photo of my mistake, I was too busy swearing, but I did photo my attempts at fixing it!

I sliced the bottom of the stocking off and reattached it the correct way round, using the smallest seam allowance I could. It took me a while to work out how to do this, and it would make my head hurt to try to explain it, but it got sorted out fairly quickly once I figured it out. Shh, don’t tell her – she might not have noticed!

For various other lovely people I have been making bags. I made three messenger bags, all the same pattern from issue 18 of Love Sewing magazine (I’ve really been getting my money’s worth out of that magazine recently).

Bag Collage

I loved how these turned out and I have enough hardware (not to mention fabric) to make myself one. Although, I must admit I’m a bit bored of sewing these at the moment so mine will have to wait.

I also made these extremely cute mini bags for my mum, my daughter and my #stitchingsanta:mini bags

I filled Beth’s with some buttons I bought from Amsterdam in March, already anticipating that I’d be doing the sewing santa!

I got Paul involved in my #stitchingsanta and asked (told) him to make something ‘sewing related’ on his scroll saw. I was so impressed what he came up with:

tree dec

I added a ribbon too.

As Beth recently got an overlocker I thought it would just be rude not to include some pretty knit fabric. The bulk of my #stitchingsanta budget went on this lovely gold fabric which I got from the Knit and Stitch Show in Harrogate back in November.

gold fabric

I also printed off this pattern as an option to use the use the fabric. The final thing I included were some pattern weights. This involved a trip to B&Q for some extra heavy washers. It also involved some nail varnish!

pattern weights

wrapped Collage

The finished package!

I was quite pleased with all the things that I put together this Christmas but am looking forward to some selfish sewing now…

10 thoughts on “Christmas gifts and my #stitchingsanta

  1. You are so clever. I am very honoured to have been the receiver of so many of your wonderful items. And yes you need some time to make your self some lovely items. I will just have to make my own on your ex machine. Xxx

    • Thanks! Paul came up with the tree decoration all by himself but I pinched the pattern weights idea from Tilly and the buttons!

    • Thanks very much! My husband may have to go into business making those ornaments! I had no idea they would be so well received!

  2. I, too, loved that ornament when Beth showed it and those pattern weights are genius – I am going to make some for my sewing classes. I have to say that I wasn’t keen on the messenger bag in the magazine but yours look so much nicer that I’m tempted to make one myself. Such lovely gifts – thank you for getting into the spirit of it so well:)

    • Thanks so much. I really enjoyed putting it all together this year and I’m already putting my thinking cap on for next #stitchingsanta!

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