Coffee flavoured Victoria

Hello everyone. This is my second make of 2016 – A By Hand London cropped Victoria Blazer! Go me! My first make was a pair of cushions but I won’t bore you with them. I have since made some shortie PJs for the husband and I’ve started a new project so I’ve been pretty prolific for a weekend sewer. Today was the first sunny day we’ve had in a while so I’ve finally been able to take some photos of my new blazer.

I made a few resolutions for 2016, including participate more in the Monthly Stitch challenges and to use up more of my fabric stash. Well, I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone here as I’ve made a garment using up some stash (we’ll just gloss over the fact that I went out to buy the lining shall we?) and this’ll be my first Monthly Stitch post of the year. The first challenge for 2016 is Cheers for New Year. The idea is you take a drink as an inspiration for a garment. I’ve gone very literal here and have opted for a coffee theme with a brown blazer with a coffee bean lining. To be quite honest with you I’m no coffee drinker. I would much rather drink tea but I do love the smell of coffee. Plus I could not find any fabric with tea bags on it!

Here it is…

Victoria blazer

I’ve made a Victoria Blazer before (you can see it here) and this is the first time that I’ve ever made the same pattern twice (excluding toiles). How ridiculous is that? I spend such a long time tracing and adjusting and then never use the pattern again. Well I’m a changed person now. With all the tracing and cutting done I just cracked on with it and the whole blazer was a breeze to put together.

The fabric is a brown corduroy with embroidery on it. I have used the fabric previously to make a BHL Charlotte skirt so there wasn’t much of it left. In fact I have no usable fabric scraps left whatsoever from this make (this is a good thing). I originally wanted to make the full length blazer but I didn’t have anywhere near enough fabric for this, plus that would have meant more pattern tracing!

Here it is paired with my Charlotte skirt. I probably won’t be wearing the two together as it’s a bit matchy for my taste and I’m not a fan of power suits either! It looks good with jeans though.

And just a little more of the coffee beans…

inside out victoria

It will probably be spring before I wear it. It won’t fit under my winter coat and it’s a little bit chilly for it at the moment!

Stupid pose

If you’re taking part in a certain competition hosted by Thimberlina then you may find it helpful to go to the ‘about‘ page….

16 thoughts on “Coffee flavoured Victoria

  1. You’re definitely right that we should reuse more patterns, and I’ve got patterns that I’ve traced but not made! Crazy! Well done on such a productive start to the year, the cropped style suits you so no need to trace off the list my pieces 😃

  2. Love the web update and the fishes (must have been just looking at your posts in reader). This is a great jacket, looks really useful and I really like them together actually. I tend to use patterns over and over and over again! Def. a lot easier 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Would you believe I still haven’t worn it? It was a stash busting project but now I may need to buy fabric in order to make something to wear with it! We don’t have to wear smart clothes for work – jeans is the norm – so I’d feel over dressed (and get no end of sarky comments) if I turned up wearing the set!

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