#yorkshirespoolettes second meet up

Yesterday was the day I have been eagerly awaiting for some time – the #yorkshirespoolettes meet up! This is the second meetup and I was lucky enough to be able to attend the first one as well. You can read about it here. Last time I bought the fabric with a plan and none of the fabric I bought then remains in my stash! I wonder how long this little lot will stay in my stash for!

Dewbuy haul 2.jpg

I didn’t mean to buy coordinated fabric

The first stop was a lovely stall on the market where you can buy all sorts of trimmings, threads and zips. I was very restrained and bought four cones of black thread for my overlocker and 5 zips for £1. Zips are very handy to have stashed I have found!

Our first fabric shop was Fabworks (which is a very appropriate name, as it is indeed fab!) There is so much choice here! I knew I wanted some Liberty fabric (don’t know what for yet but I knew I wanted some) as they sell it for £11 a metre, but other than that I didn’t really have a plan.

We then moseyed down to Lucky fashions (no link) which was wonderful. Plenty of bargains to be had here too.

Dewbuy haul

Haul! Colours haven’t come out well though

Top row L-R 

  • Black and grey knit fabric. I would like to make some sort of slouchy cardi with it. I’m not sure what pattern though so I’m open to ideas!
  • Greenish-gold corduroy. Enough to make a skirt but again, not sure what skirt yet.
  • Lovely monochrome Liberty.

Middle row L-R

  • Cobalt blue sweatshirt fabric. May have to push the boat out and make a Linden with this.
  • A remnant of beautiful upholstery weight teal cotton velvet. Cushions!
  • Black velvet. It looks grey in the photos but really it’s the blackest of blacks. I’ve been after good quality velvet for years. This will probably hang around in my stash until next winter but my current thinking is to make a party frock Kim dress with a velvet tulip skirt and black sequin bodice (I already have the sequins!). It’s going to be gorgeous!

Bottom row L-R

  • A very deep bottle green velvet. This is so tactile I can’t stop stroking it! Extra wide fabric but not sure what to make with it yet. I bought it because it was there and it was so beautiful (I like velvet – can you tell?)
  • Green and cream stripy knit fabric to make a long sleeved T-shirt. Pattern unknown as yet!
  • Navy blue ponte. After the success of my In a twist dress I want to make another one!

The first five fabric were purchased from Fabworks and the last four fabrics were from Lucky Fashions. The owner of Lucky fashions was so lovely! She laid on a lovely spread of drinks and snacks which was great because at that point we were all starving!

After Lucky Fashions we went round the corner to the £1 a yard shop (not a typo) but I didn’t trust myself to go inside! I was pretty laden down as it was!

All in all it was a wonderful day. It was so great to finally meet some of the bloggers I have been following for years, and I met a few new people to follow too! Not forgetting the lovely bloggers I met on the previous meet-up! A big round of applause to Ali for organising everything!

Oh, and please shout out with pattern ideas for my fabric. I’m not one for hoarding them so I don’t have a big selection to choose from!

And my final question is how do I pre-wash velvet or do you think it’s a dry clean only job?



31 thoughts on “#yorkshirespoolettes second meet up

  1. Gosh! What a lot you’ve bought!! I think because there was more of us it was hard to see what everyone had bought, so great to see these posts popping up!
    Can’t wait to see what you make! The Kim dress sounds amazing! About the velvet, I heard that any fabric needs to be pre treated however you intend to clean it after it’s made up. I’d image the velvet would be dry clean only. Or you could cut a small square, overlock the edges then measure and hand wash. Then remeasure and compare it with the look of the unwashed piece.
    What are you making first! I know what you mean about pushing the boat out for a linden. Especially after seeing Catherine’s yesterday! 😃

    • Thanks for your velvet tips. I will try that! I did buy a lot of different fabrics but only in 1m or 1 1/2 m lengths. 11m in all – that’s not as much as some! 😉 Catherine’s Linden was amazing and the first real life one I’ve seen.

  2. Ooh you did amazingly well!! Ok my first thoughts… Green/cream stripy knit – deer and doe plantain. Slouchy cardi knit – Seamwork Oslo (looks similar to what I made mine out of!) And the corduroy – Tilly Delphine! I have all those patterns hence that’s what I’d do 😛

    • I did do well didn’t I? Thanks for your pattern ideas. I will definitely look into them. Don’t know why I didn’t think of the Oslo as I’ve seen so many great versions. These will all be new to me pattern designers too so I feel a little pattern splurge coming along!

  3. It’s so interesting seeing what other people bought – looks like you got a decent amount of stuff! Did you have to sneak your bags into the house? I was just met with raised eyebrows! 😬

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  5. It was good to meet you yesterday. I personally like muse patterns cardigan (sorry I can’t remember the name!) but the Oslo has had lots of good versions made…if you want a collar type of cardigan. The two velvet dresses I made before Christmas (neither of which I liked fit wise!) I pre washed the fabric on gentle cycle. Hope all your sewing goes well.

    • It was lovely to meet you too! Thanks for the pattern tips! I will certainly check those out. Good to know about the velvet although sorry to hear about them not fitting! I will try washing a few scraps on a gentle cycle and see what happens.

  6. Gorgeous selection of fabric and great ideas. I look forward to seeing the Kim dress! I’d not heard of the In aTwist dress before, it looks fab.

    • Thanks very much – I was very pleased! I can definitely recommend the in a twist dress. It’s so easy and quick to sew and has been one of my most worn dresses of 2015! Don’t hold your breath for the Kim dress though as I think it will be autumn/winter before that gets made!

  7. Your green gold corduroy is so lush! I remember thinking I would go back for that next time😃. Perhaps a Ginger skirt? So great to meet and hang with you yesterday. I dont know much about velvet but I will be keenly watching as I like velvet but fear it.

  8. I was going to suggest an Oslo too. There are a couple of free t-shirt patterns around so might be worth a look if you don’t want to splash too much more… Know I’m going to have a very lean week, but with lots of sewing 🙂

    • Unfortunately I didn’t buy enough fabric for the Oslo after all so I will have to think of something else. I got home with £25 unspent from my rather generous budget so have (finally) purchased Tilly’s Coco and Love at first stitch for the Delphine skirt and Megan dress patterns. 🙂 🙂 I’m very excited to start sewing now!

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