The Yorkshire Spoolette top

With the Yorkshire Spoolette meet-up imminent I knew I had to make a new garment especially for the occasion! Any excuse eh? Well, actually I had a pretty good excuse because Ali, the organiser, gave me this lovely fabric for my #stitchingsanta gift. It was gifted to her by Amanda who was also attending the meet up! I thought it would be fun to make something from the fabric that had belonged in other people’s stash!


So happy with my new fabric!

I dithered a little about what pattern to use and was originally going to use a Cami dress pattern hacked into a shirt. However, I didn’t really leave myself enough time for that kind of project so I was very relieved when I saw this on the front of Love Sewing Magazine:

keyhole blouse

Adventurous beginners sounds more like it to me! The great thing about this pattern meant no buttons, zips or notions of any kind and therefore no emergency dash to the shops to get supplies. I could just get on with it!

I knew I would have to juggle sewing with marking, planning, kids and housework so I had to snatch half hour slots each evening which was achievable but a little frustrating. I like a big weekend session!

I went for view B because I thought it would be quicker but I may make view A in the future because I think the pleats would be really flattering. The slight headache was trying to hem the deep v neckline. I really made a pig’s ear of that and I thought I would have to cut out another front piece. However a little bit of research and I came up with a tutorial on using bias tape to bind side splits (and I’m sorry but I can’t find it anywhere now) and it worked a treat!

bias binding

bias neck

Once I pressed it, it looked more even!

The only other error I made was cutting the wrong size (quite a major error then!). I’ve sewn several of the freebie Simple Sews patterns now and cutting a size 12 on the top half and 14 at the waist has always worked fine. This time, because it is supposed to be quite a loose-fitting blouse, I went for a straight size 12. Funnily enough it fitted fine everywhere except the arms which were far too tight! I didn’t fancy cutting out more sleeves so I unpicked and sewed them up with smallest seam allowance I could get away with and it turned out much better!

I did find that the deep v was indeed very, very deep as Sewchet discovered when she made the same pattern up but the pleated version (hers is lovely!). I personally don’t mind a little cleavage on display in the right circumstances but this keyhole went to the bottom of the boobs! A vest top was mandatory which is a bit of a shame, but look…keyhole top.jpg

…the model is wearing a vest under too so it’s supposed to be like that. That’s OK then!

I finally finished the top with a narrow hem on the morning of the meet-up! I had time to kill as I had to get up extra early (5am!) to take my husband to college so he could go to Sweden on the college exchange!

poor light selfie

6am poor quality selfie taken straight after hemming!


My new top with the other Spoolettes!

The poor weather at the meet up didn’t bother us one bit although my phone cannot take decent pictures in poor light. As it was a lovely sunny day yesterday my daughter and I took a stroll down the sea front to get some ice-cream and location shots. The location shots weren’t that great in the end because it was freezing and very, very windy (as you can see by my hair!). At least you can see the top properly!

lighthouse top




Whilst I was sewing it up I made lots of silly little mistakes but none of them are obvious and only I know they’re there. After surviving a whole day of some very intense shopping I’m really pleased with my new top. It stayed comfy all day, thanks to my resizing of the arms, and the fabric was so soft to wear. It also didn’t crease much which was excellent. I think I will like to have another bash at it but with a slightly shallower keyhole!



26 thoughts on “The Yorkshire Spoolette top

    • Thanks very much! Glad you recognised the lighthouse – we couldn’t get it all in shot and it was too cold to be faffing around!

  1. I didn’t realise you’d finished it that morning! It really suits you and looks better for being slightly more fitted. I was thinking if making it but I’ll have to make sure I’ve something matching to wear underneath first. 😃

    • I was so lucky I had something vaguely matching! Got through about half the fabric so enough for another little something!

  2. I didn’t notice that the model was also wearing a vest top underneath until I had almost finished mine or it might have drawn attention to how low the cutout was and I would have altered it. It looks indecent left bare – that’s the trouble with big boobs! I like the more fitted version on you, too, and may try that myself.

    • I’m reasonably well endowed myself and there was no way I could get away with it! I’m definitely going to make the pleated version with some slight modifications!

  3. Your top looks lovely! So sad I couldn’t make the meet up – I had to take myself to Dewsbury for a mooch around Fabworks the weekend before. Hopefully I’ll be able to come to the next one x

  4. Talk about a stitch in time! 😉 Brilliant you managed to finish it and loved hearing about the rich fabric history! Having seen sewchet’s version, I’m quite taken with both versions now and great to know about the narrow sleeves which are often a problem for me. On the list!

  5. I have bought this pattern, so it’s great to see a completed version, well done for finishing it last Saturday morning! It’s a good style for you. I might have a go at making a higher neckline for me though.

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