My new Coco

I finally bought a Tilly and the Buttons pattern. I’ve been promising myself the Coco pattern for ages but never got round to it. After the Spoolettes meet-up, despite my sizeable budget I took to spend on fabric, I came back from our shopping spree with £25! I thought it was only right to spend it on patterns! So I did. I bought the Coco pattern and the ‘love at first stitch’ book.

I must admit that I made this top three weeks ago and I have worn it every weekend since. I love it! It’s a very basic top and it slotted into my wardrobe perfectly.

me taken by bryn


My seven year old took this photo which is the reason why my head is chopped off! And unfortunately, being black, the top is hard to see properly.


Side view

We took the photos on Scarborough South Bay as it was such a glorious, hazy day.

coco back


lighthouse 2

Family snapshot (minus husband – he was home woodworking!)

The tide was right out when we went on to the front. I’ve never been this close to the lighthouse from this direction before! While we were faffing about taking photos the tide was sneaking in behind us. Before we knew it we were on our own little island surrounded by sea! We had to splash back to safety but it was ok for Bethan and I as we had boots on but poor Bryn got his feet soaked! The things we do for this blog!

bethan bomb

Bethan photobombing

bryn bomb

Whatever Bethan does Bryn does too.

The fabric I chose was a fleece that has been in my stash for about a year. It was in my mum’s stash for the 25 years before that! She used it to make my 16 year old self a jacket which I still have and it still fits! Fleece is not one of the fabrics that is recommended for the Coco pattern and I have to admit that it was a bit bulky. My poor sewing machine did not like it at all! The thread kept breaking and it was quite frustrating but the results were worth it.

Based on my measurements I decided to cut out a size 4 bust and arms, and I graded to a size 5 from the waist down. I think that next time I will go for a straight size 5 as it is a smidge too tight across the back and the bust but nothing too bad.

I was quite pleased with my side-slits and hem…

side split

Coco side split

Despite my sewing machine tantrums this was a very quick and easy sew. It was very satisfying! I can now see what everyone else loves about this pattern. I’ve got some more fabric in my stash that I think will make a great Coco dress. So when I next need a quick fix (I’m in the middle of making a quilt which is taking a looong time) then this will be the pattern I’ll turn to!


26 thoughts on “My new Coco

  1. Beautiful side splits, I am impressed given that its fleece too. The top looks lovely on you and the whole outfit is very off duty celebrity with the red boots. Love it! And the photobombing kids – Priceless😃

    • Thanks for the compliment – I love my red boots! The fleece itself was quite well behaved in that it didn’t shift about at all so it was easy to sew accurately but was slow going with the constant breaking thread!

  2. Looks her effects weekend top. Glad you treated yourself to the pattern, it’s one you’ll certainly get your money’s worth out of. What do you fancy out of the book? I’d recommend the Megan dress and the Clemenceau skirt, I’ve had loads of wear out of both of these designs 🙂

    • I was definitely thinking of the Megan dress and I think possibly the Mimi blouse too. Not sure about the Clemence skirt as gathered skirts don’t really suit me but you never know 😉

  3. This looks like a very cosy Coco! I wear my stripy one with the funnel neck a lot – it is a really useful pattern. Lovely happy photos on the beach – glad you got back to dry land OK!

    • It’s so warm and cosy! Can’t believe this fabric was hanging around all that time when it could have been keeping me warm! We had a great time on the beach and we were never in any danger from the rising tide but a lesson was learned nevertheless!

  4. You look great in that. I must be the only person to not make a successful Coco. Must try again this looks so useful. Great to have a day on the beach with the kids K xXx

    • I’m very surprised to hear that! It may be worth trying again. The funnel neck was so straightforward but I haven’t tried the other variation yet. We can often be found on the beach as it gets the kids out of the house for some fresh air and exercise. They don’t complain about going to the beach!

  5. Fab photo shoot in the beach! I bet it was buzzing in Scarborough yesterday with such a warm day. You’re gonna be a coco addict now, the styles so flattering. I bet a mini version would look great on your daughter too 😃

    • Oh yes, it was heaving! I think you may be right about being a Coco addict! A good idea to make one for Bethan – I wonder if the pattern will be small enough?

    • Ah thanks! We had a lot of fun and hopefully more pictures will be taken on the sea front for future makes!

    • Ha ha, you can do this! I made this on my sewing machine with no overlocker involved. Apart from stabilising the seams and doing a narrow zig zag stitch there was no special treatment at all! There’s no darts or facings and no fitting worries so it’s a really quick make. Nothing to be frightened of!

  6. I enjoyed your photo shoot photos. Lovely top. I haven’t succumbed to Coco – (yet?) – as I’m not sure of the style for me. I have the book, naturally haven’t made anything from it but like the look of the Mimi blouse. We were at Grange over Sands at the weekend – tide is a big issue there of course. We’d like to live near the sea as hubby brought up on coast

    • Oops, sorry for late reply! I love living near the sea and I missed it when I lived in London. I’ve nearly finished that book, The Forgotten Seamstress. Not too bad but a bit of a departure from what I normally read!

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