#yorkshire spoolette Delphine skirt

After our Yorkshire spoolette meet up back in February we were given the challenge of making a garment with some of the fabric we bought. Four weeks were given for completing the challenge – which I just about met! I put it on Facebook as proof! No one said anything about when we had to blog about the challenge though! So eight and a half weeks after the meet up here is my blog post!

All the fabric was bought with no particular plan so I asked for help on the sort of patterns I should use. Beth from After Dark Sewing suggested sewing the Delphine skirt from the gold corduroy I bought. The Delphine skirt is found here:

tilly book

As I came back from the meetup with £25 unspent from my budget burning a hole in my pocket, I bought this book and the coco top pattern. I was always reluctant to get this book as I felt that I didn’t need yet another book teaching me how to sew. However, as the Delphine is a shape I like and I’ve seen plenty of great versions on various blogs, I decided to bite the bullet and get it. I’m really glad I did as I’ve not only made the Delphine but the Lilou dress too. I’ve got my money’s worth already and I’m thinking the Megan dress and Mimi blouse would also make great additions to my wardrobe!

Here’s my new skirt:

delphine skirt 4

delphine skirt 6

The fabric is very thick and luxurious. It’s also extra stretchy! I only bought 1 metre of it which was plenty for this skirt but it would also make a great pair of Ginger jeans/cords. I kind of wish I bought more of it for this reason but I now have sooo much fabric to sew through I really don’t have the space for it. I have a huge sewing list and I must not buy any more fabric!

I made the skirt in a size 5 which is actually a smidge too big. When I sew a size 4 Tilly and the Buttons pattern it comes up tight and I wish I’d gone up a size and when I sew the size 5 I wish I’d gone down a size as I’m rattling around in it.  I think my body changes shape on a daily basis!

delphine skirt 5

There is an invisible zip inserted into the back which I’m pretty pleased about! The only mistake I made was to face the waistband in the same fabric and it’s far too thick and bulky. As you can see I also made belt loops which are also far too thick and bulky and they pull on the skirt. Because of the bulk I sometimes have trouble doing the zip up past the waistband seam but it’s got easier with wear!

All in all, apart from my very bulky waistband, I’m thrilled to bits with this skirt. I’ve worn it to work a lot so it’s often found either in the wash basket, the airers or in the ironing pile. This is the reason why it’s taken me so long to photograph (oh, and the rain and poor light of course).

Hopefully I’ll get to blog my Lilou dress shortly as I’ve made it for an event happening this weekend and I would like to take some photos ‘in situ’. See you then!

20 thoughts on “#yorkshire spoolette Delphine skirt

  1. Looks great! Sounds like you’re already getting lots of wear from it. I made a delphine but also had waistband issues – more in terms of the shape than the thickness; it just didn’t follow the curves of my body :-/ Maybe you should nip back to Dewsbury when you’re ready to restock on fabric😁

    • Ha ha! I won’t be ready to restock my fabric for another 5 years! Not that that will stop me! I was very inspired by your Megan dress too, so that’s now on the list for the not-too-distant future!

    • I’m sure it is because of the stretch, yes. It probably wasn’t the best fabric to use for this pattern really as it should not be sewn with stretch fabrics! I love it anyway! Being on the big side has its advantages though – it’s ever so comfy!

  2. It looks great on. Perhaps the fabric is giving a little. Could you take a pinch out of the side seam if it’s too big? I think the Megan would be lovely. It’s a great shape.

    • Thanks very much! If the skirt spins round too much then I may pinch out the sides but I think it’s probably ok! I’ve seen a lot of Megan dresses and looking forward to making one.

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