#MMMay16 Week 1

Hello everyone! I’m really loving the Me Made May round-ups that are appearing on people’s blogs and on Instagram at the moment. I’ve been taking part too. It’s been slightly different to last year hasn’t it? Do you remember how cold it was in the first half of May last year? I was really struggling to find me-made clothes that would keep me warm enough. I may have the opposite problem this year – I’ve worn pretty much all my warm-weather clothes already!

Sunday 1st May

May 1

A terribly harsh photo of me in my Simple Sews jersey top. It’s a great little slouchy top this and so quick to run up. I needed something comfy to wear as this was the day Le Tour De Yorkshire came through Scarborough.

Monday 2nd May

May 2

Bank holiday – yay! I’m wearing my knitted gillet which I made a long time before I had a blog.

Tuesday 3rd May

May 3

A lovely day but was typically at work. I’m wearing my un-blogged Liberty GBSB sleeveless top from the third book.

Wednesday 4th May

May 4

A bit cooler today so I’m wearing an old hand-knitted jumper.

Thursday 5th May

May 5

Another lovely day and I’m wearing my Yorkshire Spoolette top.

Friday 6th May

May 6

An early make for me today. This is my wrap-top which I’ve not worn in ages (probably last MMMAy!). It’s quite nice though.

Saturday 7th May

May 7

My brand new Hannah dress but I had to get changed half way through the day as it was so cold! The rest of the country enjoyed temperatures of mid-20s but Scarborough had a sea fret and a breeze straight off the North sea which put the temperature at 12ยบC.

Hope everyone else is enjoying Me Made May (and the glorious weather)! ๐Ÿ™‚


15 thoughts on “#MMMay16 Week 1

  1. Fab! week of me made loveliness. Really like the simple sew top, I’ve just cut out the crossover back version and I really love the Hannah dress too.

    • Thanks very much! I’ve yet to make the cross over back top but it is on my never ending list of stuff I need to sew. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  2. My problem is deciding what’s normal & everyday!
    Your dress is lovely, your knits leave me quite envious (that you knit so well, and your weather is colder than here), and that blouse hem I really like!

  3. Love the wrap top and your handknits. I’d love some more time to sew more everyday clothes, I want to clear out some of my old makes, but then I’d have nothing to wear!

    • Thanks! I don’t have that many knitted makes so I’m trying to wear them early on in the month when it’s supposedly cooler!

    • Ha ha! I don’t know about that. If this weather continues in going to run out of clothes! The Hannah dress is a new pattern. It was released last month. I wrote a blog post on it! It has to be the first time I’ve ever been hip and trendy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. They’re all very ‘you’ when seen together like this and I still love your Hannah dress. No reds, oranges or bright colours though – is this typical? I tend to be the other way around – you need to put on sunglasses before you look in my wardrobe!!

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