Small outdoor drinks table

OK, time for a woodworking post from me to slightly dilute all those sewing posts that the wife makes.  I know I should put stuff on here more often but I don’t seem to find the time to make anything.

Anyway, a while ago I bought myself a Kreg pocket hole jig but, apart from trying it out I haven’t actually made anything with it.  So I was looking around for a reasonably simple pocket hole project that I could have a go at and came across Rogue Engineer.  I think it partly appeals because my background is engineering but, more importantly, it has some great projects.  I may well get round to making more of them.

The one that caught my eye was the Belvedere End Table, a kind of outdoor coffee table that can be used for drinks or food when we are sitting out in the garden.  As usual I didn’t take any ‘in construction’ photographs but here is the final thing:


I actually finished it a while ago but the weather in Scarborough has been so awful recently we haven’t been out in the garden much and I wanted to take a picture of it being put to its proper use.

I’m reasonably happy with the result, as long as you don’t look too closely, and I learned a lot about using my pocket hole jig along the way.  Once you get the jig set up correctly it is really quick and easy to make joints as long as you have cut all the timber perfectly square (can you guess what one of my mistakes was?)  I also didn’t apply the finish very well but with a bit of sanding and reapplying it looks OK.  I’m hoping it will weather in.

There is one small rant I need to have about this project though.  On the Rogue Engineer site Jamie, who makes the plans, always links through to Home Depot where you can buy the timber and other parts.  As far as I can tell Home Depot is an American version of B&Q that we get here in the UK.  In Home Depot the 1×4 planks you need for the project are $3.47 each (about £2.40).  In B&Q the closest equivalent I can find is £9.52.  About 4 times the price, what’s that all about.  The quality of timber in B&Q is not great either; you struggle to find anything straight.

Must try not to leave it so long next time.  This is not a sewing blog.



7 thoughts on “Small outdoor drinks table

  1. Understand your rant. Don’t know your B&Q, but Home Depot is a national chain store set up like giant warehouses, with everything discounted & sales “help” quite spotty. And yes, the wood’s quality might be in serious doubt but I’ve not bought very much, as fabric’s my choice. But one can’t wear a table like yours. 😉 Will you have need to move it round your patio (assuming weather permits)?

    • Your description of Home Depot sounds just like B&Q. The table will get moved around because we don’t get the sun all day but it is light enough to easily lift.

      • Good that the table’s easily moved. Over here we’ve so much forest guess lumber’s cheap. Sounds like you have better quality there though.

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