#MMMay16 week 3

Hello! Another week of Me Made May and I still haven’t worn any repeats! I never mentioned not wearing repeats in my pledge but I’m having fun seeing how far into May I can go regardless!

Sunday 15th May


Watching some powerboat racing in my self-drafted leggings – well, drafted with a little help from So Sew Easy. They’re very comfortable but a little mad so I tone them down by wearing a skirt over them!

Monday 16th May


A proper pattern by So Sew Easy. This is the Safari skirt which I made last year. It’s a very useful skirt with those extra deep pockets! You can read about it here.

Tuesday 17th May


A very early make for me this. This is my meringue skirt from the Colette book. As you can see it creases very easily but then I have been wearing it to work all day.



This is the wrap dress from the second GBSB book. I have official retired this dress now. It doesn’t look too bad in the photo but I engineered it so it didn’t! It was my first knit project and I never knew you had to stabilise things. As a result the bodice has massively stretched out and the fabric is very baggy. I will hopefully be able to salvage the fabric to make a t-shirt or something.



A great top if you happen to be pregnant! Thankfully I’m not but I’m not really sure about the style of this top on me. It does make me look pregnant if I don’t wear something fairly fitted over the top. Easy to wear though!



My first Victoria blazer and it does get a lot of wear! One of my more useful makes!



Finally I have a silly little waistcoat that I made from an old pair of jeans! I wear it occasionally but not that often really!

I’ve still got a few me-mades left to wear this week, including a new pair of trousers that have just been finished. I cannot believe how quickly this month is going!


16 thoughts on “#MMMay16 week 3

  1. Lovely outfit of those teal & bright blues! They match so perfectly – well done you! Pity you’re not happy about the fit, but do hope you salvage the fabric – at least a skirt?

    • Thanks so much! I love that fabric too but it was a bit on the cheap side which may also explain its very poor behaviour! I learnt a lot making it so it’s not really a great loss.

      • Aye, have had the same experience. Guess sometimes we just need to practice and not try to wear everything, just let it go… wish I could remember that (written ruefully 😊).

    • I made this a while ago now when I was an absolute beginner. It’s quite easy and flattering but probably best made in something other than a quilting cotton!

    • I think I need to make myself another wrap dress. They are very flattering. I also love my blazer although I do feel very dressed up in it despite it’s casual cut.

  2. Wow sounds like you have amazed even yourself with your me mades. You have some lovely clothes. Great that you are happy to refashion now as well K xXx

    • Ha ha! I have indeed! It’s been a while since I’ve done any refashioning – that fabric deserves to have something made from it!

  3. A real shame about the wrap dress, looks a lovely print. Well done for no repeats yet! I’ve been getting rid of a fair few of my earlier makes as I’ve been wearing them. Impressed by how ruthless I’m getting 🙂

    • I got the fabric for pennies so I shouldn’t have expected great things from it. I don’t mind getting rid of the clothes that are no longer pulling their weight. I learned a lot from making this dress so it’s time to make a better one. Plus, more space in the wardrobe! Congratulations on being ruthless with your makes.

    • Thanks very much! I think the next step up would be to wear entirely me-made outfits but I’m a long way from that yet!

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