#MMMay16 Week 4

Hello! I’m still going strong with my me-makes. Here is what I’ve been wearing over the last week…

Sunday 22nd May


It was a lovely sunny day so the kids and I spent a couple of hours on the beach. I wore my Simple Sew’s Bardot dress which you can read here. Click on the link to see just how vibrant this green dress actually is! I must admit that a dress would not be my first choice of garment to wear at the beach but I was running out of me-made clothes at this point!

Monday 23rd May


Back to work and I’m wearing a blue wool A-line skirt that I made some time ago. I had to lengthen the pattern considerably and it is still a little above the knee. It’s a winter skirt really. The pattern is New Look 6035 and you can read about it here.

Tuesday 24th May


Another dress today and this time it’s my ‘in a twist dress’ by Sew So Easy. You can read about it here.

Wednesday 25th May


My new Palazzo trousers! I’m demonstrating how wide they are! Being linen they do crease terribly but that’s all part of their charm!

Thursday 26th May


Odd knitted socks and I’m yet to finish a matching pair!  These are unblogged.

Friday 27th May


This is Papercut’s Midsummer Night’s dream dress and you can read about it here. I really enjoyed wearing this and I will be making an effort to wear it more often in the future.

Saturday 28th May


We went out out! This is my little (big) brother and we went to an indie disco with a group of friends. This was the perfect excuse to wear my geeky superhero dress and I fitted in nicely! This is the Lilou dress from Love at First Stitch

Only a few days of May left to go and then we can all go and wear our RTW clothes guilt free! I’m kind of looking forward to it! I’m off glamping in the Lake District this coming week so I may need to finish Me Made May a couple of days early. We shall see!


7 thoughts on “#MMMay16 Week 4

  1. LOVE those socks! Lol!
    Seriously, you’ve got a lot of lovely things! Wondering if you’re pleased with the wide trousers – do they ‘catch you up’ at all? Or did you manage to get the right length so they don’t? (If so, any hints on what that right length is?!) Hope you’re enjoying your long weekend, and have a grand time in the Lake District!

    • The wide trousers are fine for when I’m inside but on my walk to work they did flap about and get in the way a bit – especially as it was windy! I think I got the length about right. Any longer they would get filthy and any shorter would look ridiculous! From memory I think these trousers have an inside leg measurement of 29 .5″ and a took off an extra bit as I have quite short legs considering my height! I’m very much looking forward to my holiday tomorrow thanks. Completely ‘off grid’ – no electricity, phone signal or Wi-Fi! Hopefully I’ll cope!😉

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