Modified Archer

Hello everyone! I’m getting a little behind on my blog posts so this one is only going to be short. My last post talks about the leather skirt I made for the Monthly Stitch RTW copycat contest. I also made a shirt to go with it and I’m pretty happy with it.

The above image isΒ not my shirt but the one I was attempting to copy! To do this I treated myself to Grainline’s Archer shirt (which has been on my wishlist for some time) and I got the popover variation whilst I was at it. This is actually the first Grainline pattern I’ve used and I was pretty impressed.

For this make I used some lovely Liberty fabric that I bought at Fabworks in Dewsbury on the last Spoolettes meetup. I bought one and a half metres of it but without a plan. I was really pleased when I found I could get the Archer out of it provided I folded the selvedges to the middle. The pattern says you need two metres.

making Archer

I made a quick toile based on my measurements (a size 10 which is roughly a UK14) and the fit was spot on without the need for modifications which is always a bonus.


There were two main modifications. First I wanted a Mandarin-style collar, just like my inspiration piece. All I did was omit the collar and just used the collar stand.

Although you can’t see from the picture, the original shirt does not have a back yoke. The Archer does have one but I chose to omit that. I simply added the yoke pattern piece to the back piece taking account of the back pleat and incorporating the seam allowances.

Archer back

The Archer is graded as an intermediate pattern and I would say that is fair. The trickiest part for me was sewing the front placket and the sleeve plackets as it was difficult to be precise. I’m glad that the busyness of the fabric hides my dodgy stitching here! Both of the placket pattern pieces came with the Popover add-on.

Archer hanging

I’m now looking forward to sewing up the Archer as it should be sewn! I think this is a very useful shirt, particularly for work, although I do have quite a big sewing job list at the moment!

Oh, and before I go I just want to say that I won a prize for my RTW Copycat entry (thanks very much if you voted!). I’ve received two Colette patterns (I chose the Moneta and the Laurel). I’ve also got the Β La Strada T-shirt from Hot Patterns. I’m looking forward to sewing them up in the not-too-distant future (so many patterns, so little time!).

18 thoughts on “Modified Archer

  1. Love your pop over version, and your mandarin collar, and omitting the yoke, and well everything!! It looks really great. And a big well done for winning a prize over at the monthly stitch.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» I’m a bit behind but it’s lovely catching up with what everyone’s been up to. πŸ˜€

      • Thank you! I’m hoping to cut out another one tomorrow – I need a new dress for Wednesday so can’t be faffing around with anything new!

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