Stuff I should have blogged about

I’ve been a very bad blogger recently and I apologise. I think I was all blogged out after the sewing and blogging frenzy that was the Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern month back in June. I haven’t stopped making stuff though so I thought I’d do a catch-all post now and get back to normal shortly.

I think I’ll work backwards, starting with clothes…


You’ll have to excuse the photo. My daughter will only take photos of me if I do something daft in them. However, she did catch me mid jump so it had to make it to the blog really. Like many sewists I’ve succumbed and bought the ‘My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break’ ebook by Sew Over It. It’s highly unlikely that any of these patterns will get worn on an actual city break because I have children. However I don’t think city breaks are compulsory so I bought it anyway. I almost instantly made the Molly top from it and I love it! It was dead easy to make and even managed my stripe matching pretty well. Check out my twin needle top stitching:


So that was made last weekend. And just before that I made this:


This is the Three-Hour Slouchy Cardigan from the third GBSB book ‘Fashion with Fabric‘. That’s three patterns from that book I’ve made now and they’ve all turned out well. This cardi looks great with skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt. I have to be careful whilst wearing it though as I do have a tendency to catch the batwings on door handles when I’m walking past!


This is my third Walkley top and my favourite so far. The other two you can read about here. I adjusted the shoulders and neckline to sit nicely on me and the fabric is a lovely drapey viscose jersey, also pattern matched at the sides.


This is Bethan in her Hunter tank from Jennifer Lauren Handmade. I bought this as part of the ‘Chillout capsule wardrobe‘ (the cheapskate version) from the Monthly Stitch bundle sale. Being only 11, my daughter has no shape so some serious modification was needed for it to fit her. The Hunter tank is drafted for a D cup so I had to SBA it to a no-cup. It does fit her nicely – for now! It probably won’t next year though and now summer’s over I don’t suppose she’ll wear it again. I’m not sure I’ll make this top for myself. I do love it but I have ‘tummy issues’ and this top’ll draw attention to that whole area. Best not really.

I think that’s it for clothes. But I’ve made other stuff too….


This cushion I made mostly from scraps of blue and green fabric. The instructions came from Simply Sewing magazine and I thought it was a great idea. It’s made by reverse applique, and although simple, it took a long time because of all the precise hand stitching – something I’m not particularly good at! I entered it for this year’s Burniston Show (the less said about that the better!) but it didn’t come anywhere. I love it though and looks great on my settee!


Bryn modelling my cross-body rucksack. I’m so pleased with this – it looks great inside and out. I used some old vinyl that was used to cover dining chairs with. Quilting cotton lines the inside and overall it’s quite a masculine bag, but then I’m not very girly. It needs fixing now though because the webbing strap frayed and came out. I may take some better photos of this once complete. I entered this for Burniston show too (herrumph).


A pencil case shark I made for my daughter’s teacher. She has moved up into secondary school now and I’m officially old.

And finally, a trio of oven gloves. The ones on the right were made back in February for my friends birthday and the others were made in May for my brother. How cool is that muffin fabric?

Anyway, that’s me all caught up now and I feel I can start again with a clean slate. I’m mid project at the moment and I’m hoping I’ll finish it before the weekend and in time for my birthday! I’ll tell you all about it then!

28 thoughts on “Stuff I should have blogged about

  1. Wow, you have been busy! I absolutely love it all, but the cardigan and the cushion with the reverse appliqué are my favorites. I tried reverse appliqué once and thought I would lose my mind. Your cushion is so beautiful,I may try again.

    • Thank you! I think the cushion took the longest out of all the projects shown. I could have saved time by making the cushion one-sided but I didn’t!

    • Thanks! The pencil case was a pain. My husband had to tell me how to insert the zip – he has an engineering background. I couldn’t work it out at all!

  2. Busy lady! Well done for giving us a round up post, it’s easy to just not bother then there’s no blog 🙁, but you did 👏🏻😀👏🏻😀👏🏻 the pencil case is super cool and really effective, you should get hubby to do a tutorial for us! I’ve made my first Molly too, your pic on if tipped me over the edge and I bought the ebook too. Sad to hear the show wasn’t a success. I’m thinking maybe your stuff is getting too good and they don’t believe you’ve made it. 😀

    • I have a friend who’s a great cook. She entered her lemon curd into a local show, using free range eggs from another friend’s chickens. It was so bright yellow that everyone thought she had just bought it!

    • It’s been on my mind to blog about these makes for ages so it feels good to get it done. Paul was particularly diddled at Burniston show but he’s supposed to write a post soon himself. Old lady / gentlemen judges have no taste (perhaps a few sour grapes there!).The kids did well though! Your Molly top looks great. I hope I’m not getting the blame for your purchase!! 😉

    • Thanks very much. Not sure what my daughter’s teacher thought of some mad women giving him pencil cases though! He probably would have preferred wine!

    • Thanks very much! The shark pencil case came from some dodgy internet site with hopeless instructions but it turned out well thanks to my husband! I probably shouldn’t have succumbed to those ebook patterns either…

  3. Great post! I think I’ve said before that I love that cushion. I’d be interested to know what you used inside the oven gloves to heatproof them. They make such good presents for cooks.

  4. Hi Corrine! Wow so much sewing! I absolutely LOVE the cross body bag – it would be great to see more pictures if you decide to do a more detailed post about it 🙂

    • Thanks so much for commenting! I shall hopefully put a few more pictures of my bag on. It’ll need fixing first but your comment will spur me to do that!

  5. Golly – what a massive amount of sewing! I love it all, especially the pic of you jumping, the pencil case, the reverse appliqué cushion and the oven gloves – yup, like I said, I love it all!

    • Thanks so much! To be fair it was spread over a long period of time! It really was only an average amount of sewing but I’ve been very naughty at recording it all!

    • I must admit there was a lot of hand sewing involved. I will fix it just as soon as I’ve finished my current project…

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