Sunday Pinafore

Hello everyone! I have to admit I have not been very productive at sewing this last month and a bit. We’ve had OfSTED round plus loads of additional monitoring at work, so sewing got put to the side. I have managed to finish this pinafore dress though.

The pattern for this dress (called the Sunday Set) came free with September’s issue of Simply Sewing Magazine.


I couldn’t really see myself wearing the dungarees but I was quite taken by the pinafore. I don’t know if you can see from the image above, but it’s been rated as a ‘four out of five buttons’! Now they may be referring to the dungarees when they rated this but the dress really was a doddle to make. Definitely not as hard as that.Β It’s essentially a gathered circle skirt with an added bib and straps but it does have a lapped zip. My first ever lapped zip was a complete cock-up (on a skirt that I still wear so it’s ok) but this one, my second, was really straight forward.


Lapped zip! It is even I promise!

The fabric is a denim that I bought from Sew Over It in Clapham when I went to visit London in August. I tried to save fabric by facing the bib and the waistband in different fabrics, so hopefully I’ve got enough denim left over for another project.


I really liked the teal fabric I faced the bib with (and half a waist band) but as it was only a fat quarter it didn’t really go very far! I had to use a completely different fabric for the other half of the waist band, the pockets and the bias bound hem. It’s a quirky pinafore!



I do really like my new dress. I thought there was a possibility that I would look far too old to be wearing the type of thing I used to wear before I even hit double figures, but I don’t think it looks too bad at all! I’m quite glad I used a reasonably heavy fabric as the circle skirt does like to billow a bit in the wind, but I haven’t yet flashed my knickers to anyone! Although, leggings does help with that! If this had been made in a lighter fabric there is no doubt the slightest breeze would have it blowing around my head!

My new dress deserved a new location for the photo shoot. My very good friends Sacha and Steve came to visit over the weekend (thanks for taking the photos guys!)and I took them up to Robin Hoods Bay which is 15 miles north of Scarborough where I live. If you ever do the ‘Coast to coast’ walk, this where you end up!





And here I am looking towards where I got married! You can just about see the Raven Hall hotel to the left of the headland. Actually, you can’t really see it but it is there!

I am currently in the midst of doing some non-selfish sewing at the moment as it’s half term. My son’s school has given us plenty of warning (which is unusual) about the theme for Children in Need day – ‘super heroes’. So I’m making something for Bryn at the moment which will hopefully get blogged about reasonably soon. See you then!




13 thoughts on “Sunday Pinafore

  1. I really love your pinafore, I definitely don’t think it’s too young/child like, you totally pull it off and it looks great with the stripey top. I now really want to make one and utterly copy you. I had Ofsted 2 weeks ago and it threw my life in to chaos.

    • Eugh, poor you! Hope your life is back to normal after the big O. You should definitely make the dress and show me when you’re done!

  2. What a fab pinafore. I wasn’t a huge fan of the pattern but made up, it looks gorge! Hope you’ve got on well with the project pipeline this half term…I’ve done nothing between Sunday and last night!

    • Thank you very much! I’m very pleased with it. My son’s project is coming along nicely but I’m desperate to sew up my Jasper sweatshirt.

  3. Such a fabulous jumper! I love your fabric choice and it fits you perfectly. In my mind, it’s not at all child-like and you rock it. Love the photos too.

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  5. I’m playing blog catch up! Not sure how I missed this post, glad I found it! Love your pinafore but love your red boots more!! And love your photo shoot location too 😍

    • No worries! I follow so many blogs now I can’t read them all. Glad you like my boots! I’ve had them years and being Doc Martins they still hurt my feet occasionally!

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