Mario costume and #stitchingsanta update

Hello everyone. Sorry, It’s been a while. I’ve not really been able to blog much on account of me not making much! My job has totally owned me for the last few months and it has left me little time for selfish sewing. However, I’ve been trying to squeeze in some non-selfish sewing in the form of  Christmas present and costume making! I’ll start with the costume. This was quite an undertaking! For Children in Need day (all the way back on the 18th November!) it was ‘dress as a super hero’ day at my son’s school. He had very specific ideas of going as Super Mario. I thought this was better than boring old Spider man, Superman, Batman and the likes so I agreed to make him a costume. Thankfully I started this project in October half term and I must say that I really enjoyed making it. It’s not often that I sew anything for Bryn.

Bryn wanted to include Mario’s accessories – a fire flower, star and mushroom (all this will be totally meaningless to you if you haven’t played Mario) but here they are:


We bought some cheap craft felt to make that little lot. Here’s the fire flower bits…


Well that’s the last photo of the toys I remembered to take! After the toys the hat came next! This was a lot of fun to make. I went back through some back copies of Love Sewing magazine and came across a man’s hat pattern so I dug into the ‘deep stash’ and fished out some red felt that I bought years and years ago from Fabric Land in Kingston.


A spot of reverse applique and the Mario badge was added to the hat. It was then time to make the bit I’d been dreading – the dungarees. I bought some cheap blue cotton from Boyes (not enough it turned out) and traced around a pair of his trousers. I managed to piece together enough for the bottoms but needed to replenish the fabric to complete the bib. To sew the bib on I followed the same instructions as I did for my previous make. I wanted to add elastic to the waist but there was no point as I didn’t really make the trousers wide enough. The stayed on no problem but he had to wiggle them on and off as they were a bit snug.


Do you like the buttons? These are Paul’s contribution to the outfit. We looked everywhere for large yellow buttons but in the end Paul cut some circles out of wood with his scroll saw, drilled some holes in them and painted them yellow.


All he needed was a moustache. A few seconds later one was cut out of black felt and stuck on to his face with tit tape! He soon ditched the moustache though. Here he is in our local paper without it!bryn-paper

I’m going to put Bryn on a diet just so he can still fit into his dungarees in April. This means he’ll be able to wear this little lot for Sci-Fi Scarborough where he’ll fit right in!

I’ve been sewing up other stuff too! I’ve been making things for my friend’s children like I do every year. It’s taken some feats of imagination this year though but I’ll save that for another post.

Of course the other main ‘project’ has been putting together my Stitching Santa parcel. After a couple of Black Friday deals I’m feeling quite pleased about how I’ve spent my budget. Unfortunately I’ve simply not had the time to do as much sewing for it as I wanted and this has caused me a little bit of anxiety. But once I’d wrapped everything up I asked myself ‘would I be happy with this parcel?’ and the answer was ‘yes, definitely’ which instantly made me feel better. Here’s a tantalising sneak peak….


And here they all are wrapped up and ready to be sent…


Not a bad little haul after all! These are going straight in the post first thing tomorrow.  We finally break up on Tuesday for the Christmas holidays and Paul and I (we work at the same college) have had enough and are desperate for the holidays to start.

It definitely won’t be too long before my next post now. If nothing else I’m hopefully going to start and finish my little red dress project tomorrow – the deadline’s on Tuesday! That’s when our Christmas do is and I intend to wear it then! See you then 🙂


13 thoughts on “Mario costume and #stitchingsanta update

  1. Well done on getting sorted even though your work commitments have taken over. Love the outfit and the photo in the paper! Of course your recipient will love their parcel – what’s not to love about a surprise sewing present in the post?!

    • You’re absolutely right! In fact I bought duplicate presents so it wouldn’t be too hard to part with them as I would have one too!

  2. Mario, I mean Bryn, looks ace! Huge well done, I bet he was so proud that he could say his mum made it. Did he know what the tape was called though?!?! I too had the same Santa anxiety, it’s crazy but I be we all get by nervous so for other sewers when we’re all such lovely people, there’s no need!! 😘

    • He he! Trust you to pick up on the ‘skin tape’! I believe that’s what I called it. You’re right, there’s no need to be worried about the secret Santa. I would be happy with it so it’s all good. Looking forward to seeing what you made for your recipient this year!

    • Thanks Jane! I was quite pleased with Mario and so was Bryn which was the important thing. I was so happy to send off the secret Santa parcel yesterday. I’m just hoping it gets there on time and in one piece!

  3. The costume is fantastic! It’s hard when there is no time for ourselves. I’d be too scared of doing the secret Santa swap, time always runs away from me this time of year. I am hoping to plan some makes for next year using my existing fabric and pattern collection. Looking forward to your blog on your red dress! Have a lovely Christmas.

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