Purple Cleo

Hello everyone. I’ve not been very productive in January I’m afraid. In the first half of the month I was poorly-sick and in the second half of the month I had a stupidly busy social life with no time to sew. This Cleo dress from Tilly and the buttons, was sewn in half-hour spurts at the beginning of January. Because the Cleo dress is so easy I soon had it sewn up despite the time constraints.

p1020634As you can see I went for a purple corduroy that I bought at the Vintage Fair at the Spa in Scarborough back in October. It was essentially someone elses stashed fabric. I got 2 metres for £7 so I was happy with that! I’ve got a fair bit left!

There are two Cleo options with this pattern. The first is a mini dress and the second is a knee-length dress with a split up the front (more on that later!). I went for the knee-length option. There are various options for pockets on the two styles as well. I went for the big front one and two back ones.


The Cleo does allow you to have a lot of fun with top stitching. My stitches sank into the corduroy making them nearly invisible so I didn’t spent too much time on this. I did it neat enough though.

Anyway, here are the ‘out and about’ shots. My eight year old son was chief photographer on this little jaunt and he did ok. The pics are a little awkward though. I don’t suppose I could be anything else when ‘yoofs’ are skateboarding around me!

When I went up the step to have my photo taken I heard a horrible ripping sound. My dress had split even more up the front seam despite there being a bar track there. It’ll be two minutes work to fix it but it’s not done yet…


Side view! Not the most flattering but that’s pinafores for you.p1020648

I cut a size 4 but I have to really wriggle to get my backside in the dress. I could also do with a little more room round my tummy so if I do make it again I’ll go for a 5.

I’ve had a few compliments on my Cleo so I do like it and, once on, it’s very comfortable.

Before I go I want to show you the only other thing I sewed up in January.

A tie for a little boy to wear to his grandma’s funeral. It was very quick to make but I was pleased to do it and I hope it raised a smile.

Anyway, my next post will be about my jeans mock up. They’re nearly finished and I’m determined not to let February get away like January did!


18 thoughts on “Purple Cleo

  1. I can’t believe you picked up that great fabric for almost nothing! It’s perfect for your Cleo. I love the spider man tie too, Hopefully the boy in question loved it!

    • I was so lucky to find the fabric! The little boy in question did indeed love his tie. I was told he refused to tuck it in his jumper and had it flapping out all day. Bless him!

    • Oh yes! It’s not that often I come across a bargain like that so it just had to be bought even though I wasn’t too sure about the colour. It’s grown on me though!

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