Copper Pipe Table

Another catch up post from a project a while ago.  There are quite a few websites with ‘easy’ construction woodworking projects that I tend to browse a lot but never make anything.  One of these is Designs by Studio C (as I write this the website is down and this link doesn’t work but they are promising it will be back up soon).  However, when I saw this project I really liked the look of it and fancied making it.


It was quite quick to make although it ended up costing more than I realised – copper pipe costs more than I thought it would.  I followed the design from the website almost exactly except that they used plywood sheet for the top whereas I had some oak planks that I had bought over a year ago and never used – stash busting!  I had to edge join two of them and do some sanding but that wasn’t too much work.

The legs are pretty straight-forward.  I just used a pipe cutter to cut all the pieces to the correct length and then used elbow and T pieces to form the framework.  All the copper is held together using superglue, which means you have to be confident you have the correct pieces before you start because the joint is almost instantly permanent.  I then fastened the top on with copper pipe clips and put some rubber feet on the bottom.  The rubber feet weren’t a very good fit to the ends of the copper pipe so I ended up hot gluing them on.  This made them easy to apply but also meant I could make sure the table stood level on the floor.

I was going to give this as a Christmas present to my sister but then decided she probably didn’t have a good place to put it so instead it has become Bryn’s bedside table (replacing the slightly rubbish Ikea Lack that he had before).



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